Tuesday, September 10, 2013

"Perfectly Ugly" a free new monologue from published play

"Perfectly Ugly" from the play Holka Polka (published script)

(CINDY enters crying. She's a princess and looks it)


Am I okay? Not really. No, I am not hurt.  Well... Only on the inside.  Something terribly bad and sad happened.

It's the Prince. He's under a sleeping spell. No one knows what to do.  Me?  How can I help?  Kiss him?!  I don't even know him.  That's not proper at all.  I'm not that kind of princess.

I live in the castle down the street from his but we've never met.  I always wanted to meet.  I saw him from my castle tower but I never could bring myself to introduce myself.

Because... I'm ugly.

(She cries some more)

Oh, yes I am ugly. You're just being nice.  But look at this nose and this hair! I am not perfect... In any way. Perfectly ugly maybe.


Read the entire play of "Holka Polka" at http://freedrama.net/polka2.html

Or purchase the published play on Amazon.com:

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