Monday, February 10, 2014

End the Hurting 30 second monologue for male or female (kid child teen) from published play #acting

This monologue is published in the book "Secrets of my Soul" available at

Please ask for permission before using this play in a performance or publication by contacting

30 Second Monologue. A face appears in the darkness.  The face is sad and looks in pain.
When you're hurting you look for weakness. 
You take that hurt and pass it on to me.  You're hurting... so you hurt
.  You're damaged... so you damage
.  You're feeling pain so you cause pain... in me
The light becomes brighter and the face transforms looking stronger and determined.
It has to stop
.  I will protect myself from the pain
. I know the damage must be undone
.  I will end the hurting so I never hurt.  
And I must do it... for me.

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