Monday, February 10, 2014

Princess (Where is my Prince Charming?) free comedy monologue for female #acting

Here is a popular comedy monologue from my Freedrama website for females called "Princess (Where is My Prince Charming?)":

This monologue is free for use in your audition, classroom or workshop but please ask for permission before using from

Okay, people.  I wished upon a star.  I guess it does make a difference who I are!  Do I have to be some poor nobody wannabe?  Do I need some kind of kryptonite like a little pea?  Did my prince get turned into a frog and he's now hiding in some creepy bog waiting for me to find him?  I don't even know how to swim.    
What's the use of dreaming anymore.  No one is beating down my door.  I need to be some kind of damsel in distress to get some attention I guess.
Where's my Prince Charming?  Is there something about me that's alarming?  All I get is Prince Pampered who spends his whole life hampered by being royally stuck up.  Or there's Prince Never Grow Up who is way too pretty in his curls.  All these boys make me want to hurl.  Why can't I find a man sized prince who will sweep me off my feet and take me to far away lands.  He will hold me with his strong hands and devote his life to me.
Is that what I want?  Is that what I dream about?  If I don't get it, will I forever pout and cry because I didn't get my way?  
I just want to feel special.  I want to feel like they care.  I want them to bravely face any challenge for me.  
Enter my heart if you dare.
Lock me in a tower. Make me your precious flower.  I want you to battle your way against dragons to win my love today.  Quit playing with your toys and prove your worth to me, boys.
I promise I will be the perfect princess for you to please. I will be good to you and I won't be a tease... much.  Who am I kidding?  I'm chasing a dream.  They say I got everything in life but it is nothing it seems.  
Where is my happy ending?!  

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