Saturday, March 8, 2014

"Foot Rubs" free monologue for male from a play (Hippies, Housewives and Watering Holes)

"Foot Rubs" is a monologue for an older male from the play "Hippies, Housewives and Watering Holes" by D. M. Larson

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What are you saying, Molly? You think I'm wrong?

(Shocked and angry)

Who are you and who took my wife?


Who took my quiet little woman who cooks and cleans and gives me foot rubs?

(Confused and frustrated)

What's so horrible about what I did? I was merely taking out the trash and cleaning up this sorry society of ours. I'm sick and tired of hearing about tolerance and equality. Where does that leave me? Where's the tolerance for me? Where's my equality?!

(Sighs and calms a bit)

Life used to be so much easier when I was a boy. We knew who to like and who to hate.


I don't what things to change. Don't you get it? I like things the way they are.

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