Saturday, March 1, 2014

"Piggy Princess" free monologue from published play for female (1-2 minutes)

This one to two minute monologue is called "Piggy Princess" and is for a teenage female from the published play "Flowers in the Desert."


from the play "Flowers in the Desert" by D. M. Larson


I've always loved taking care of animals. Horses, cats, dogs, and especially pigs. Momma Nell, one of my foster mothers, used to call me that, her little piggy. And I did look like a little piggy that's for sure. I was plumper than a Buddha doll.

Momma Nell used to dress me in pink too. I love how she let me call her Momma.

And pink still is my favorite color. One time Momma bought me this most beautiful pink dress for a school. It was all sparkly like pink diamonds. Are there pink diamonds? And the dress had these big old puffy shoulders like Cinderella. I felt like a princess for the whole ride there. I shoulda just turned and gone home cause that was the best part... The boys at the dance said so many mean things to me... they laughed at me... I laughed too... I wanted them to see me laughing... like I wanted to be the joke... I decided piggies shouldn't try to be petunias.

(Smiles, then looks thoughtful and sad)

Momma Nell was the best foster mother I ever had until she got sick. Too sick for me to take care of anymore. I wish they woulda let me try a little longer. I wanted to be there for her like she was for me.

(puts on a smile)

But I sure know how to take care of animals. That's what I love to do now. I'm like St. Francis of A-sissy.


And I would sure love to be a saint like Francis, then all this suffering would be worth while.


You can find the play "Flowers in the Desert" at

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