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"Flowers from Phil" published comedy 1 minute monologue for male

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Flowers from Phil

by D. M. Larson

Flowers from Phil (A SELECTION FROM "LOOKS GET IN THE WAY" by D. M. Larson (one minute male comedy monologue)

This monologue is a selection from a published play in the book Great Plays for the Stage Vol. 1 isbn 978-1452871448 available from

(Phil enters a restaurant nervously.  He carries a bouquet of flowers.  He slowly goes up to a table where his blind date waits.  He stops.  Turns and leaves again.  After a moment he returns.  He checks his clothes, drops his flowers, picks them up, gets scared and goes.  Then he returns and goes to the table looking nervous but determined)


Hey, there, Sidney.  I'm early.  I mean I'm Phil and I'm early.  I am glad you're early too, well, sort of. I was hoping to beat you and get used to the room first.  I get nervous in new places.  And with new people I get nervous a lot.  I brought you flowers.  The flowers are a little wilted.  They were pretty.  I mean there is this wonderful flower shop but I didn't have time to go there today but I did a few days ago and I wanted these flowers.  I don't get a date every day you know and I wanted this to be special, so I got the best flowers I know of because I want this to be great.  You know what I mean.  Well, you probably get a lot of dates.  I mean a normal amount of dates, but more than me, but less than say... Madonna.  But these flowers were the best... a few days ago.

End of Monologue

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