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"COWBELL" free comedy monologue for female from the short comedy play "Music Maybe"

"COWBELL" monologue for female from the short comedy play "Music Maybe"
(ISBN-13: 978-1519120106)
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(HEIDI is a redneck/hick looking woman in overalls and is hitting a steady rhythm on a cowbell. She stops and smiles a big grin)

HEIDI You gotta love the cowbell. The most underrated but most loved musical instrument of all time. Sure, I've played more socially acceptable instruments like the triangle and the bells... I've been one of the best church bell ringers around... no, not like Quasimodo.
(She does a Hunchback ringing a bell imitation)
I'd play them pretty sounding bells in the church bell choir.
(She pretends to do pretty bells and makes the sound [or actually has a couple she plays]).
They said I was one of the best. But I was seduced by the rocking rhythm of the cowbell.
(She does some cowbells and dances a bit)
Some of the greatest classic bands of all time used cowbells. Really! The Beatles, Hendrix, CCR, Zepplin and the Stones all used cowbell. Cowbell is the power behind some of the most rocking songs of all time.
(She starts playing the cowbell during the following:)
Feel the rock... feel the rhythm... the feel the power... of the cowbell.
(She starts to head bang and lights fade to black)

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