Friday, May 23, 2014

Fight Me Monologue (comedy script for male actor)

Here is an adaptation of the two person play "Underdog" ( I'm curious to know if it works as a monologue (rather than a duologue). Post in the comments below and let me know what you think.

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Fight me.

(GEORGE punches someone)

Plenty more where that came from...

(GEORGE tries several more punches)

Crazy? Yeah, I'm crazy.

Won't fight huh? Then I win. You heard me... I win.

(GEORGE yells)

Tell me I win!

(GEORGE punches again)


That's right. I am the alpha dog, baby!

(GEORGE does a victory dance and strut. He then says quietly)

See her over there?

That her name? Yeah the new one. Yolanda... so hot. I want to impress her. Wedgie!

(GEORGE gives pantomimed person a wedgie)

She saw the whole thing. She's laughing. She thinks I'm awesome. Now for the kill.

Not you... Her. Gonna seal the deal.

(GEORGE struts over to YOLANDA [pantomimed], tries to look cool but then gets sad and takes something from her. GEORGE returns and holds up a piece of paper [pantomimed])

It's her number. She wants me to give it to you.

(Says it snotty)

She thought you were cute.

(GEORGE crumples up the paper and throws it at person and walks off in defeat)

Everyone roots for underdog.

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