Thursday, May 29, 2014

"Ready to Rock?" comedy monologue for female from "Music Maybe"

"Ready to Rock?" free monologue female version from short comedy play "Music Maybe"
(ISBN-13: 978-1519120106)
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(It is 1985. Mabel is the owner of a small music studio. She is dressed a bit like Madonna)

Mabel Hi everyone... this is the studio... the is where the magic happens... or will happen. Nothing magical yet... except for the scream I did when I found a rat... over there. I call the scream magical because it made my nose tingle. Anyway... this is where the next big band is going to birth itself. And your a witness to the first moments of it's life... take it in... take a moment to let the aura ooze over you. Yes... feel it... yummy. So, I'm a drummer and believe it or not, drummers do start bands. Rush, the Eagles, Van Halen, Pink Floyd. My idea is an all percussion rock band. I'll gather all the best drummers in the area and we'll form a supergroup that will blow everyone away... literally. I need a good band name... "Blow you away"? "Loud Bangers"? "Screaming Rats"? I'll figure something out. Where is that rat anyway? He usually comes out to say hi. We've made friends. Maybe he could be the band mascot or something. I could get a clear bass drum and he could run around inside on a little wheel. I think his hearing is damaged already from all my practicing so I don't think he'll care. He likes the beat. So you ready to rock?!

(Mabel goes to her drum set and plays wildly)


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