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"A Werewolf in my Bed" halloween comedy stage play script for 2 teen actors (1 male 1 female)

Here is a fun play for two actors (1 man 1 woman) for teenagers on Halloween. For permission to use the script, contact doug@freedrama.net and include the title in the request.

"A Werewolf in my Bed"

a free play script for two actors (1 m 1 f) by D. M. Larson


Viv enters her bedroom. She is getting ready for bed. There is a strange growling sound.

Viv sees something her bed and attacks... Thad falls down and hides.
Viv: What's going on?
Thad: You know how I said I was going through some changes?
Viv: Yes.
Thad: Well, it happened.
Viv: What?
Thad: I can't say.
Viv: It's ok... We are all going through a lot changes.. We're turning in to adults.
Thad: It's a little more complicated than that.
Viv: Look.. Whatever you are going through... I am here for you... I am willing to listen... I will never give up on you.
(He comes out... He is a werewolf. She screams and runs away)
(He sits in bed sadly and start nibbling on an itch on his arm)
(She eventually comes back in)
Viv: Sorry about that
Thad: It's ok... I know I am a freak...
Viv: No no no... But what happened?
Thad: I am a werewolf.
Viv: A howl at the moon werewolf?  But shouldn't you be all crazy slobbery and growling? Do you want to bite me or something?  
Thad: Yes but not for the reason you might think.
Viv: Am I safe?
Thad: Yes... I can control myself... Well I can't control the hair... But the attitude... I just wanted you to know... In case something happened to me...
Viv: What?  What might happen?
Thad: Dog catcher... Rancher..... Monster hunter. All kinds of dangers.
Viv: There are monster hunters?
Thad: That's why there are not many monsters.
Viv: That's terrible.
Thad: Well... Monsters are called that for a reason.
Viv: But not you... You're a vegetarian!
Thad: That's not easy... I get cravings every full moon.
Viv: I am so sorry... I promise I won't eat meat around you ever again... That must be a Terrible temptation... I shouldn't eat meat at all anymore in fact.
Thad: You're so sweet to me.
Viv: You mean so much to me.
(He is struggling)
Thad: I get so itchy.
Viv: Here, I can help.
(She scratches him and he starts thumping his foot)
Thad: Oh yeah. Thank you... That felt really good.
Viv: Your fur is kind of soft... I like how it smells too.
Thad: Really?
(She smells him again)
Viv: Yeah.
Thad: You're not scared anymore... This isn't too weird?
Viv: It is weird and scary but I want to see the best in this... I want to support you... We can get through this together.
Thad: It's something that will always be here... I will never get rid of it.
Viv: It's you and that's all that matters.
And I have secrets too... I have baggage too...
Thad: That tops this?
Viv: This isn't a contest. The point is that we support each other no matter what life throws our way... Would you support me if I suddenly became a vampire?
Thad: Werewolves and vampires don't get along very well.
Viv: So you would just dump me?
Thad: No... Never... I would be here for you too... Vampire zombie mummy...  Any kind of creature there is inside you... I would still be here for you.
Viv: (She hugs him) I knew you would... You wearing something?  You smell so good.
Thad: Much be a scent I am giving off. Probably means I like you.
Viv: You're not going to start marking your territory are you?  
Thad: Hey!
Viv: Just kidding.
Thad: I would never do that to your room... Maybe outside your house... But never inside.
Viv: You marked outside my house?
Thad: Can we change the subject?
Viv: Okay...
(They are quiet)
Viv: So.. Why do you mark your territory?  
Thad: Grrr.
Viv: Am I your territory?
Thad: Maybe... That creep you out?
Viv: It's kind of romantic.
Thad: Really?
Viv: It makes me feel... Important... Special.
Thad: You are special.
viv: Special? In what way?
Thad: Special in the best possible way... I knew you were great but I never thought you would be okay with this.
Viv: It won't be easy ... Did this start recently?
Thad: No... For a while... That's why I am never around during a full moon.
Viv: But why tell me now?  Please tell me it's because you want to get more serious.
Thad: I wish... I was worried I might even have to break up.
Viv: No! Why?
Thad: To keep you safe.
Viv: I know you wouldn't hurt me.
Thad: Not from me...
Viv: From other werewolves?
Thad: No I made sure...
Viv: The marking?  (She smiles)
Thad: Can we drop that?
Viv: Fine... So what danger?
Thad: The underground is talking... It could just be a rumor.
Viv: Underground?
Thad: It's a system that keeps us hidden and safe... That's why you so rarely hear about monsters anymore. You get renegades like Bigfoot but overall it is pretty quiet.
Viv: But something happened?
Thad: There is a rumor of a monster hunter... Here in our town.
Viv: Hunter... Like he wants to catch you.
Thad:  Worse.
Viv: We have to hide you... We have to keep you safe.
Will we have to fight... I can fight.. I am a toughie.
Thad: No, I would never put you in danger.
Viv: That's up to me isn't it?  I am my own person... I can chose.
Thad: But you have no clue what you are choosing... I don't either... I have no clue what we are up against.
Viv: I know one thing.
Thad: What's that?
Viv: That I want to be with you... I never want to let you go... I never want to be without you.
Thad: Then we will face this together.
Viv: Beware all monster hunters... Hurt my Wolfie and prepare to feel my wraith...
Thad: Very scary.
Viv: Really?
Thad: I got shivers.
Viv: See Iza toughie.
Thad: You have such big muscles too.
Viv: Iza strong.
(She does a pose)
Thad: And pretty.
Viv: Now now... You stop that.
Thad:  No, you are very pretty.
Viv: You're full of baloney.
Thad: The prettiest girl in the whole world.
Viv: You're so full of baloney I could make a sandwich out of you.
Thad: Cute... You're very cute too.
Viv: Stop it.  No.  Toughie. (does her pose)
Thad: You're the best thing that has ever happened to me.
Viv: Me too.
(They look at each other... Wanting to kiss but not sure how)
(Gun shot is heard... They dive for cover)
Viv: what was that? Firecracker?  Car backfire?
Thad: I hope so.
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