Saturday, December 6, 2014

"If I Let Myself Fall" free monologue (art writing collaborative project 1 of 3 in series) solo stage play script

My wife made this really cool artwork for my birthday that can be viewed from three different directions. This inspired me to write three different monologues.  Each monologue goes with a different direction of the picture.  These three monologues are dedicated to her.

For permission to use this monologue, contact (please include the title "If I Let Myself Fall" in your request).

"If I Let Myself Fall" by D. M. Larson (art by Shiela Larson)

If I let myself fall, will you catch me in your arms?  Will you be there to soften my fall? Sometimes you have to fall to know if there is anyone there to catch you... to know if anyone cares.

I let myself fall because I trust you, I believe in you, I know you will always be there for me. You give me hope, bring me comfort, reach out to me in the darkness and show me the light. You are my guiding light that leads me from the darkness... saving me from the bottomless abyss of my soul.

Falling, falling... into never ending night. Endlessly lost in nothingness... Until you appear... Waiting for me... waiting to catch me in your arms and hold me so I never fall again.



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