Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Part 8 - Free Acting School - Goals as an Actor

On the final part of this class, reflect on being an actor again. What are some ways you'll continue to practice your acting? Set some goals for yourself.

Here are some possible goals:

1. School plays are great experience. Casting directors like actors with theatre/stage experience.

2. Community theatre plays are another way to train yourself and work with adult actors who can teach you a lot and maybe even help make connections.

3. Make your own short films. Even if you make bad short films, you still learn a lot of acting and then watching yourself. Have fun with it and don't worry about being good. But watch the finished film and think about how you can do better.

4. Start a YouTube channel. You can even make a little money by monetizing the video. And if you're lucky, you'll have a viral hit and make your mark early.

5. Start going to Auditions. Here is a great source for auditions: http://www.actorsequity.org/CastingCall/castingcallhome.asp

Agents: It's better to wait until you have some experience before going to an agent. Agents want to see that you can get paid work with your acting. Once you get a paid acting job, that's when you can go to an agent and ask to be represented.

TIP: Avoid agents you charge you money up front. A good agent will only charge you a percentage when you get a paid acting job. They only get paid if you get paid work.

Check the Screen Actor's Guild (SAG) website for approved acting agents. Here is a list of SAG approved agents. The best agents will be on this list: http://www.sagaftra.org/agency-relations/sag-franchised-agents

Going Hollywood: The best way to go to Los Angeles or New York City is to be a college student. USC, UCLA and NYU are great schools with connections to the film and theatre industry. At these universities, you create a network of people who will help you get jobs in the future. Plus a degree gives you other options to make money in the future. Acting rarely pays the bills so it's good to have something to fall back on, especially when you get started.

There are other cities such as Austin, Texas or Orlando, Florida that have a lower cost of living and have active film industries. You can consider these places as well.

Final Post!

Write about your acting plans and goals for the future.

Students who complete all lessons including recording two monologues (and making corrections from the instructor) will get a Freedrama.net Acting School Certificate.

The top students will be considered for paid work as a Freedrama YouTube monologue performer: http://freedramaplays.blogspot.com/2015/07/seeking-online-performer-for-freedrama.html


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Free Acting School - Goals as an Actor
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  1. I have applied for a scholarship to a school that offers IB Theatre and has many performing-related extra-curricular activities. I may take up a few activities related to music or dance so that I could pick up a skill that could help me with my career. There is also this famous community theatre, about an hour and a half away but they offer free theatre courses that are also credible. Acting training is really expensive so this is a god-sent theatre that I really should join. My parents are also willing to spend the money for me and I’m really grateful for that so, after I train in that theatre, I’d continue to train in other drama schools. The media and entertainment industry in my country is small and they are always looking for new talent so, after a year when I get more experiences and when I’ve finished school, I shall attend casting calls as I gear up for university. I am also going to continue picking up new skills or learn more languages, accents and dialects since the animation industry is pretty strong where I live and I can fulfill my dream of voice-acting. :)

    1. I also want to join the world of animation Voice Acting. Good luck to you, and maybe we'll see each other in a booth someday!

    2. My plans for actin gare to go to Los Angeles and look for work. I live to live love lying at the lie. When I leave lying, I'll love acting. I love some of the tips for work security and other benefits . I love living, lying, and loving love (acting). In networking, I would love to find out about "Who you know?" and/or "What you know?" in the business, If I live, I live love and lying to love. So, break a leg for me who is trying to live for her love. Tanika Garner aka Zoe Garner

  2. Hi, my dream is to find myself in hollywood movie industry even though I understand that it is not easy at all to move from here in Africa all the way to hollywood.

    So my plan is to work extra harder in the free drama acting school, under the professional lectures of Mr Larson, whom I believe he is the best instructor.

    As soon as I complete this acting course, and upon receiving my certificate, I will start attending auditions, just to make that first positive impression.

    1. Sounds great your plans i.e. Your move is a very large move and brave one I must say. I can't to get my certificate to show that I very interested in acting. Acting is a love for me to enjoy life and make the best out of it. I wish you well. Tanika Garner aka Zoe Garner

  3. My acting plans consist of finding any, and all ways to contribute to some sort of performance. My main area of interest is voice acting, so I will be looking to be part of fan dubs and radio plays. I also lend my voice to commercials and apps/games. Hopefully, this will all become a full-time venture for me.

    1. My best wishes are with you.this definitely will become your fu time venture.good luck with your future.

  4. good luck Danny and Leah...hope God is going to help you fulfil and achieve your goals.

  5. as of now I am planning to do some theatre, stage plays and then I'll try to do some mainstream cinema. That's all

  6. I plan on passing this class and obtaining my free acting school certificate and continuing to practice at home on my spare time and audition to as many roles that fit my description. I also watch youtube acting tutorials. I am very excited about my future.

  7. I Dell John will continue my skills through student films, practicing, studying, and continue film education. Community Theater is a must do first come basis. Here I learn a lot form reading and listening o my pears. My education is first priority. Acting is a gift,giving to me by the most high. Performing is what I love to do aiming high is what I promise to do. Hard work is a must when going all the way. To set goals we must first find out what makes us happy, what makes us different. what makes us strong, and what makes us perfect it.

  8. I choose. [Die And Leave Thee:] & A Face Appears In The Darkness
    DIE AND LEAVE THEE is a character who is out side battling a wound that might cost him his life. He's trying to move, walk, and stand all at the same time, unfortunately his balance is in no shape for recovery. This character spreads his joy with laughter, pain, he tries to break from it all before going to the ground by someone who had hatred. This story is like no other, it brings out the talent and the silliness within. This character had no chance of surviving his wounds nor did he know that he was going to die so suddenly. [A FACE APPEARS IN TE DARKNESS]. This character is in his home talking to relatives, who is really jealous of him. The character is heart broken, sad, hurt, and lost. He don't know what to do in this case but to fight back. This course really open my eyes to new exciting things. It gave me more and more to look for while exploring. I love what I do, not because of the acting, but because of the art of acting. I wish everyone good luck on your adventure to success, we share the same values and attitude. You, is who you are, only you can determine your future. If you wait to long your destiny might go in the opposite direction. Time waits for no man or no women, once the clock starts ticking the time keeps. It's you who can make your destiny come together. Understand what you getting into and why. Maybe you can answer your own question if you just listen and follow directions. you can make it easy or you can make it hard, the choice is yours.

  9. It is my dream to become a Voice Over artist. This year, I plan on taking an 8 week acting class in the area, practicing the Meisner Approach at home with friends, and taking classes with various Voice Over artists to assess what I can do to become better. I read aloud every day, and I want to pursue this seriously. I'm also reading a lot of books on acting, and practicing techniques from there.

    I will do everything I can to get the skills I need! Good luck to everyone out there pursuing their dreams! Believe in yourself!

    1. I wish you the best on your greatest endeavors. Your plan sounds like you have a large ambition to offer the industry. So, break a leg and stay brave in going for dream, I know I will. Tanika Garner aka Zoe Garner