Sunday, May 17, 2015

Who are your favorite actors? Part 3 of Free Acting School - 2015 edition

Who are your top 10 favorite actors?

Who are your favorite actors Part 3 of Free Acting School

First check out my list:

Do you agree or disagree with any of the actors on my list?  Who are your top 10 favorite actors?  Explain why some of the actors are on your list.

Post your thoughts in the comments below and then you must then respond to another actor in this class.  Your interactions MUST be positive or you will NOT be considered for a paid position as an online monologue performer for Freedrama. You will hear from your instructor for this class starting on lesson 5.

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  1. My top ten Actors are:
    1. Jennifer Lawrence
    2. Shailene Woodly
    3. Jackie Chan
    4. Rowan Atkinsin
    5. Drew Barrymore
    6. Sandra Bullock
    7. Will Smith
    8. Simon Baker
    9. Willow Shields
    10. Zoë Kravitź

    I choose them because they all made you believe that they were that person living that life rather than an actor which inspired me to become an actor. They all played their rolls rely well.

    1. Yeah, Shailene did justice to her role as Hazel in The Fault In Our Stars like Jennifer Lawrence did with Tiffany from Silver Linings and Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games series.

    2. Yeah, Shailene did justice to her role as Hazel in The Fault In Our Stars like Jennifer Lawrence did with Tiffany from Silver Linings and Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games series.

    3. Well Jennifer Lawrence in hunger games really brought her character to life and gave us a whole new perspective of her in the second and third movie

    4. I love your top two and many other actors on your list they all put out stellar and amazing movies.

    5. Will Smith is on my list as well. Good choice or an actor. He has good range from his comical role in Fresh Prince to 7 pounds.

    6. Will Smith is a legend.

    7. Evan peters
      Taissa farmiga
      Jessica Lange
      Sarah Paulson
      Emma Roberts
      Vera farmiga
      Robin Williams
      Will smith
      These are my favorite actors because they put so much emotion into there acting.

    8. 10. Will smith
      9. Tom Hank
      8. Tom Cruis
      7. Robert Downey Jr.
      6. Leonardo DiCaprio
      5. Brad Pitt
      4. Johnny Depp
      3. Jeniffer Lawrence
      2. Elizabeth Gillies
      1. Robin Williams

    9. Good list ya got there! I LOVE Sandra Bullock!!! :)

    10. I only know the names of a couple actors, so I can't name a "top ten". I don't even know ten.

    11. What a great list! Will Smith has definitely evolved from the days of "The Fresh Prince". "The Pursuit of Happyness" definitely shows he has the ability to inhabit a dramatic role.

    12. I agree with you as most of those on your list are my top actors and they made me believe they were the character they played .

    13. Your first 2 are also a few of my favorites. I love both of those movies very much! Great list.

    14. #10: Jennifer Lawrence
      #9: Robert Downey, Jr.
      #8: Patrick Stewart
      #7: Samuel L. Jackson
      #6: Sandra Bullock
      #5: Bill Murray
      #4: Leonardo DiCaprio
      #3: Tom Hanks
      #2: Meryl Streep
      #1: Morgan Freeman
      I totally understand if you dissagree

    15. Even though my list is a little different, i could see why yall chose theses actresses as your Favorite.

  2. 1.alpachino
    2.roberto de nario
    3.tom hanks
    4leanardo decaprio
    5.denzel washington
    6.antony hopkins
    7.julia roberts
    8.jeniffer aniston
    9.jeniffer lawerence
    10.sharon stone

    i choose them because every role they played the made it look like they are living those characters.all of them have left there mark in there characters which they played

    1. What a great list! Man, I totally forgot about Sharon Stone! I love her!

    2. I loved your list of actors...alpacino, Leonardo DiCaprio,, julia Roberts. I love them all. You really have a great choice

    3. I love your list!!!!!! I love alpacinos work and other actors that you've listed!

    4. This is probably, in my opinion, one of the best lists on this page so far. I like your posts.

  3. Top 10 Actors:
    1. Logan Lerman (Makes me forget that he is an actor and is completely immersed in his role)
    2. Emma Watson (Speaks clearly and good facial expressions)
    3. Natalie Portman (I’ve seen some of her audition tapes and although she doesn’t look like her role just yet, she certainly makes you feel like she’s the character)
    4. Robin Williams (Great with voices and facial expressions)
    5. Tom Cruise (Very good stunstman)
    6. Shailene Woodley
    7. Johnny Depp
    8. Angelina Jolie
    9. Brad Pitt
    10. Jennifer Aniston

    Comments on your list:
    I haven’t watched enough movies of all of those actors to comment on their ranking but from the movies I did watch, they are certainly great picks. Charlie Chaplin is certainly a great actor who is really passionate about what he does and so, is Robin Williams. I do wish you had actresses in your list like Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor or Marilyn Monroe.

    1. I'll have to look up some of those audition reels of Natalie! That is certainly a mark of true talent.

    2. @elizzybizzy Here's the link to the audition for one of her first movies:
      Rachel McAdams is also excellent during her auditions too:

    3. That is a great list. I honestly probably would have chosen the same people.

    4. I think that would be my second list of top 10 favourite actors! Great people so inspirational

  4. Only being able to choose 10 was tough! Definitely have more than 10, but, off we go. In no particular order:
    1. Meryl Streep - in control of even the finest nuances of her performances
    2. Harrison Ford
    3. Hugo Weaving
    4. Tom Hanks
    5. Cary Grant
    6. Julia Roberts - wonderfully expressive!
    7. Morgan Freeman
    8. Geoffrey Rush
    9. John Rhys-Davies - among his many talents he is brilliant at how he delivers his lines, whether dramatic or comedic
    10. Larry Fine & the Howard Bros. (Masters of Improv!)
    All of these people are masters of their craft, and most of them have shown great versatility throughout their careers.
    I definitely resonated with some of the actors on your list, including ones I didn't fit onto my list, such as Jeff Bridges.

    1. Great list! I love Morgan Freeman too. He really brings something great to the movies he's in. As well as the others. Harrison Ford is great at getting that dramatic flick, in my opinion :)

  5. 1. Julia Roberts
    2. Jim Carrey
    3. Jennifer Aniston
    4. Paul Walker
    5. Brittany Murphy
    6. Leonardo DiCaprio
    7. Sandra Bullock
    8. Daniel Sharman
    9. Jennifer Garner
    10. Logan Lerman
    All the people I listed above have been seen playing extremely different people from time to time. I started with Julia Roberts because she is the one for me that has embraced the most different roles,from Pretty Woman playing a young,ambitious girl to Erin Brockovich playing a struggling mom who manages to solve an important case. Jim Carrey may be most known as a comedian but in the thriller 23 he proved he can be the exact opposite anytime. I have grown up with Jennifer Aniston from the tv series ''Friends'' and I am excited she kept starring in movies,not as Rachel Green anymore but as many many amazing other characters. I also grew up with Paul Walker,but no matter how old I am I still don't have the courage to watch Fast and Furious 7. Anyways,he might be most known from the Fast and Furious movies but he has starred in many more and he was really talented and it really makes me sad talking about him but I could not exclude him from my list. Brittany Murphy has unfortunately also passed away but in the first movie I saw of her she was a suicidal,anorexic girl who was getting raped from her father and then she was a strong woman struggling to free her boyfriend from some gangsters who are asking for 10 million. Leonardo Di Caprio and Sandra Bullock have starred in so many great movies and I love them for always being original. Daniel Sharman is a young actor,former Teen Wolf star that's an mtv show who although had a short role was amazing when he was changing his character throughout the episodes. Jennifer Garner and Logan Lerman have been my role models for a very long time,because Jennifer starred in one of my favorite childhood movies ''13 to 30'' and one of my favorite teenage years movie ''ps I love you'' and Logan,most known for his role as Percy Jackson has also been in other awesome movies such as ''the perks of being a wallflower''. They are all unique and that's why I love them.

    1. Love your list, these actors are so talented :)

    2. thank you, I agree they are amazing! Your list is also amazing :)

    3. They are all very talented actors, glad you shared it

    4. The actors you have listed are amazing they can all portray any character necessary.

    5. My top 10 favorites are:
      Shailene Woodly
      Jennifer Lawrence
      Emma Watson
      Daniel Radcliffe
      Olivia Halt
      Rowan Blanchard
      Leo Howard
      Debby Ryan
      Robin Williams
      William Shakespeare
      I'm sorry but I had to give William Shakespeare some credit. These actors are from my favorite movies and TV shows. Some of these the
      production wasn't the best but the actors were really good. This list is in no particular order. That is why I chose these actors.

  6. 1.Leonardo Dicaprio
    2.tom cruise
    3. Alpachino
    4 Ross lynch
    5 Adam sander
    6 Tom hanks
    7.robert Downey jr
    8 Cuba gooding jr
    9 Johnny depp
    10. Michael jay fox

    I chides them because when you see them in a movie they play there character that well that you think they have actually live that moment for real

    1. nice list. all are the best actors of world

  7. Difficult for me to chose, but here I go:
    1. Neve Campbell
    2. Emma Watson
    3. Phoebe Tonkin
    4. Ana Polvorosa (spanish actress)
    5. Tom Hanks
    6. Sylvester Stallone
    7. Paul Walker
    8. Meryl Streep
    9. Bella Thorne
    10. Brad Pitt

    I chose this actors because I really feel a conection with their caracter whenever I see one of their movies, but I really like many more actors

    1. I like your list. I have many people that I admire, but we are limited to just 10.

    2. I really like your list and strongly agree! P.s, Bella got so into her role in The Duff, I hated her for a week 😂

  8. In no particular order

    10. Steve Martin
    9. Gene Kelly
    8. Lee J. Cobb
    7. John Cusack
    6. Tom Cruise
    5. Gregory Peck
    4. Robert De Niro
    3. Anthony Hopkins
    2. Bob Haskins
    1. Lee Marvin

    I picked these actors because they all put on stellar performances in their movie. I have many actors and actresses that I admire. I'll have to write them all down first though.

    1. I loved Gregory peck in the film " To kill a mocking bird ".

  9. I dont have a tops 10 list but i love jennifer lawrence and shailene woodley because they are so inspirational with the movies they've been in like the hunger games i feel as if it's real life and jennifer lawrence is able to fight off what comes her way and shailene in the fault in our star was such a sad movie with her as a cancer patient and she fought through it even though she was just a character.

  10. Robin Williams
    Meryl Streep
    Robert Downey Jr.
    Jack Nicholsan
    Al Pacino
    Daniel Day Lewis
    Will Smith
    Marlon Brando
    Paul Newman
    Clint Eastwood

    Picking 10 actors only was like asking me to pick only 10 100.00 dollar bills from a pile of them.

    I disagree with Charlie Chaplin and Denzel Washington. Denzel is just a dry actor to me. My favorite is Robin Williams and he is on my list as well. That man was in my life giving me laughter and tears through is work my entire life. When he died it struck deep. He was in my T.V. my home and in my heart. Truly an irony to bring out my feelings and have that control but was dealing with his own demons and depression. I wish someone could have made him laugh as much or he might still be with us today.

  11. Paul walker
    Mark valley
    kristin kreuk
    Matt damon
    Jay Ryan
    Kat graham
    Wentworth Miller
    Nina Dobrev
    Lana Parilla
    Rachelle Leferve

    It was hard for me to choose coz watching a lot of movies and i end up having favourite characters everytime. some who you have listed i dont know them somehow others not coz they arent favourites but because am limitted. i wish Paul Walker was still with us to continue having his movies i always loved to watch his movies.

  12. my top 10 are
    *Michael Weatherly
    *Mark Harmon
    *David Caruso
    *Chris O'Donnell
    *LL Cool J
    *Zoe McLellan
    *simon pegg
    *Daniel Radcliffe
    *Alan Rickman
    *Emma Watson

    pretty hard to choose movies and dramas

  13. 1. Taraji P. Henson
    2. Jennifer Aniston
    3. Terrence Howard
    4. Angelina Jolie
    5. Robert De caprio
    6. Nicole ari Parker
    7. Cicely Tyson
    8. Angela Basset
    9. Will Smith
    10. Denzel Washington

    The reason I chose these 10 actors and actresses is because, they all explore roles that can be intimidating to an actor. Their brave and versatile with the characters they play.

    1. Great Picks! Totally agree at how their so brave to take on very intimidating roles !

  14. Don't really have favs, but these guys would definitely be on my top 10

    *Leonardo Dicaprio
    *Johnny Depp
    * Kate Winslet
    * Will Smith
    * Jennifer Lawrence
    * Paul Walker
    * Robin Williams
    * Zac Efron
    * Jessica Lange
    * Angelina Jolie

    1. Amazing choice of a list. A lot of these are amazing actors. Well paid and well known just by their names. Landing various roles and Leading roles. Johnny Depp along can speak for the diverse roles. Is there anything inspiring by your choice of actors?
      Good luck on your journey to success.

  15. 1.) Channing Tatum- He plays multiple roles. From high school dance artist to military Bad boy who falls in love. Diverse in so many different roles.
    2.) Ian Shomerhoulder -Mainly for his performance in TVD- He brings the character of Damon Salvator to life, he nearly makes vampires realistic.
    3.)Robin Williams- Where to start about Robin Williams. I kind heart that loved to make people laugh. He also played many serious roles. One being Jack. Jack was a young boy whom aged at an alarming rate. In Patch Adams He played a diverse role Some part serious and some other absolutely hilarious.
    4.) Emma Stone- A wonderful female actor who also plays various roles. She had changed her hair numerous times to better fit the role. She has played the quirky teenage girl struggling with high school rumors, or in Crazy, Stupid Love she played a more Mature role.
    5.) Nina Dobrev- She basically Plays three roles in one series. From human to vampire, also playing the role of Katherine.
    6.) Lucy Hale-Always beautiful and always on mark. She plays the sweet and innocent Aria and in Baby Daddy, she played a role as Ben;s girlfriend.
    7.) Vera Farmiga- She plays Well at the mysterious type in Bate's motel. A very astranged mother. In the Orphan she plays the victim.
    8.) Rebel Wilson- A multi talented hilarious actress. I don't even know where to start.
    9.) Rachael Mcadams: she plays various roles as well, From the bossy high school teenager, the the dramatic love of his life in the Notebook
    10.)Anna Kendrick- Not only did she lift off her career in Twilight, but she really kicked it off with Pitch Perfect.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Rebel Wilson is really funny. She is another actress who can make you laugh...With her witty comedy...I too agree she is a really great actress.

    3. I'm interested that Channing Tatum is number 1 because he continues to impress me as well. I didn't take him very seriously at first, I just figured he was a model that got acting jobs because he was pretty. But as you said he's shown an impressive range, and I like his attitude off screen.

      There is another actor I had written off for the same reasons. I thought Chris Hemsworth was just a pretty face, but I'm actually even more impressed with him than Tatum. If you haven't seen him in Rush you should check it out. It's a good example of an actor creating totally different choices from his more popular roles.

    4. Channing Tatum to me was never someone I took very seriously. He came across to me as a teen heartthrob and it wasn't until I saw his comedic side in 21 jump street that I started changing my view of him. I saw Foxcatcher and was blown away with him and his transformation as an actor. I once looked at him as a joke and now have a profound respect for him

    5. I have enjoyed everything I've ever seen Rachel McAdams in. She is a good actress, nice choice!

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  17. Can I just say that this assignment was actually really hard! All actors/actresses below are all talented in their own form
    #10: Robin Williams
    Whether being a doctor, a nanny, a film developer, or the owner of a gay nightclub…He has to be one of the funniest comedians out there in my opinion. He can take himself out of reality and place himself in a fantasy land in a matter of seconds and each character is different.
    #9: Sidney Poitier
    The one movie that makes him stand out more than a lot of actors for me is “To Sir With Love”. I could feel his reactions in the movie. The way he spoke to the kids in the class whether to reprimand or to praise…he pulled me in.

    #8: Barbra Streisand
    I do love Barbra Streisand. She has done so many movies and plays in her life that there is not one movie out there that someone couldn’t connect to. From Funny Girl to The Owl and the Pussycat or The Mirror Has Two Faces and Meet the Fockers…she can pull you in with just one statement. She is very good at pronunciation as well which I give to her stage performances. She is the reason I fell in love with becoming an actress and singer.
    #7: Morgan Freeman
    My number one movie with Morgan Freeman is The Shawshank Redemption. You saw him change his feelings over and over again. From being funny to one of the most serious people you have ever met. I cried and laughed in that movie. This is a movie that I could watch over and over again.

    #6: Julia Roberts
    Julia Roberts…need I say more HA! She is just an amazing actress. I think I have seen almost all of her films.

    #5: Sally Field
    For me Sally Field stole my heart in Steele Magnolias. To watch her character as a mother with her heart breaking as her daughter was suffering from diabetes (which shockingly enough now is a little easier to monitor) and having a bad heart. Her monologue at her daughter’s funeral while talking with her best friends had me laughing and crying at the same time. I could feel her heart being torn out of her chest and yet laughing and joking at the same time from love.

    #4: Susan Sarandon:
    Rocky Horror Picture Show/Thelma and Louise….But I think the one I connected most with was Shall We Dance. But she really was funny in TAMMY.
    #3: Jack Nicholson
    That man can play a crazy person so well….and in many many many movies….
    #2: Tom Hanks
    I have grown up watching Tom Hanks movies. Watching him dance on the piano in Big, being a drunk in A League of their Own, having a soccer ball a best friend in Cast Away, and playing Walt Disney in Saving Mr Banks. He is just an amazing actor.
    #1: Meryl Streep

    She is my all time favorite actor/actress of all time. She has to be one of the most amazing and inspirational actresses. Her performances are always so believable. They take you into the movie as though you are right there with her…feeling every emotion she feels…every movement she makes.

    1. I so forgot Merly Streep and Julia Roberts there great and will never get old and will always be a joy to watch in any movie they play in

  18. 10. Taraji P. Henson
    9. Larenz Tate
    8. CicleyTyson
    7. Loretta Divine
    6. Kimberly Elise
    5. Will Smith
    4.Adam Sandsler
    3. Melissa McCartney
    2. Sofia Veraga
    1. Jim Carey

  19. I agree with the actors you chose. I don't have top ten actors because I think every actress expresses their self in many ways and also have confidence in their selves too.

    1. I agree it is very difficult to pick a top ten when there are so many great actors and actresses who act wonderfully and make you forget they are just acting a character and not really that character.

  20. 1 - Martin Freeman
    2 - Tom Hanks
    3 - Al Pacino
    4 - Robin Williams
    5 - Nicolas Cage
    6 - Denzel Washington
    7 - Jim Carrey
    8 - Jennifer Lawrence
    9 - Hugh Jackman
    10 - Jake Gyllenhall
    All brilliant but personally I find Martin Freeman miles ahead, he is such a talented actor and I forget he is not really the character he plays when he acts.

    1. I agree with you about Jim Carrey

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Jim Carrey give such great performances! I especially love his comedy which is involved in most of his performances :) and Nicolas Cage is a very talented actor as well. As a matter of fact, you have a pretty good list. Denzel, Jennifer, Tom Hanks...Awesome choices as well as the rest of your list.

  21. 1. Peyton List
    2. Dove Cameron
    3. Laura Marano
    4. Tom Hanks
    5. Debby Ryan
    6.Jennifer Lawrence
    7. Denzel Washington
    8. Zendaya
    9. Skai Jackson
    10. G Hannelius
    They are so upbeat and fun.

    1. Wow! We love a lot of the same people Disney is my thing LOL! Great job!

  22. Its so hard to pick and make a list but one that stands out to me is Jhonny Depp. In every movie ive ever watched with him in it im amazed. He truly puts his all into every character he plays and gives and outstanding performance.

    1. I agree with every thing you said, Johnny Depp is an outstanding performance. He brings inspiration and characters to life. Continue being inspired by him because I know it will bring you places.

  23. Robin Williams, dezel Washington, brad Pitt, Jim Carey, ledenarso decaprio, Johnny depp, Eddie Murphy, klent Eastwood, Mike Myers, Orlando bloom. This list was put together shortly and just a rough estimate of my top ten. I don't disagree with your answer because we are both two different people with to different artistic views. I agree with some of those names, being said did outstanding work on screen. Some of these actors are on my list because of the characters they bring to life and inspired me to persue acting. They bring a performance to love, giving me a very artistic outlook on acting. In a sense they bring the movie to life.

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  24. Most of my choices incorporate the ability to play a wide range of characters, however, I don't think these are the greatest actors of all time, just the ones that have made the biggest impact on my life.

    10 - Jack Lemmon
    Jack Lemmon, James Stewart, and Bing Crosby showed me that old black and white films still had something we could connect to and proved that great acting is timeless. The reason Jack Lemmon is on the list, however, is for his performance in Glengarry Glenn Ross. Based on his other performances you can barely tell it's him.
    9 - Ryan Reynolds
    His comedic roles are absolutely hilarious and then he shows up in Buried, a drama about being buried alive, and totally pulls it off. Finally, he just starred in The Voices and showed off all of his range at once, playing multiple comedic voices as well as a terrifying serial killer.
    8 - Colin Farrell
    I can't help but have the utmost respect for his absolutely amazing dramatic work. Phonebooth inspires me every time I watch it. I also loved his appearance in Scrubs.
    7 - Kevin Spacey
    Another actor that I respect mostly for his dramatic work. He may play a lot of his characters similarly but he plays them incredibly well and it works. His role in 21 is one of my favorites.
    6 - Ewan McGregor
    Anytime this man is on screen I'm sucked in. Actors are entertainers and I'm always entertained by the choices he makes in his roles.
    5 - Will Smith
    To that end, Will Smith is the king of pure entertainment. Not only has he displayed an impressive range between comedy and drama but, again, I have always been entertained by him. Even in films that weren't very good, he made them watchable, even enjoyable.
    4 - Robert De Niro
    This one is pretty obvious, I've never seen an actor commit so fully to his roles. Obviously, The Godfather and Taxi Driver are great but I was more impressed in Raging Bull. And he's done comedic roles to boot, Stardust being my favorite.
    3 - Johnny Depp
    There's a lot of reasons to say Johnny Depp is one of your favorite actors because he's played a lot of fun roles. And it is impressive that he fully becomes his characters like Jack Sparrow. But I mostly respect him for his dark performances. They express not only rage but deep sorrow and I always enjoy the complexity.
    2 - Matt Damon
    I respect this actor for being the consummate professional. You know he puts his all into every role and brings amazing performances in every movie he's in. I enjoy that he doesn't take himself too seriously in his personal life as well.
    1 - Jim Carrey
    First and foremost I think that Jim Carrey is one of the funniest people alive. I have to envy his talent for that. But what I respect about Jim Carrey more than any other actor is his dedication to his craft and his career. He has always been driven and challenged himself professionally. When he became the top comedic star in Hollywood he started excelling in dramatic roles, which has been an uphill battle for him. He's created a lot of my favorite characters of all time and continues to push himself.

    I apologize for the length. I don't think it's possible to say who is the best actor at any given point. They all have ups and downs. The only thing you can know for sure is that they impacted you positively. The most important thing about an actor is that they are dedicated to doing the best job possible and challenging themselves.

    1. Jim Carrey is amazing. I also respect how he has challenged himself by going into dramatic roles and yet still retain his professional success in Hollywood. It shows a lot when a person doesn't stop at a climactic success but keeps pushing forward and never giving up.

    2. Yes especially those who impact you the most through their acting. Like a role model for you to follow but not all the way because you will make your own style with your own personality

  25. 10. Jennifer Lawrence
    9. Sandra Bullock
    8. Will Ferrell
    7. Robin Wright
    6. Tom Hanks
    5. Johnny Depp
    4. Meryl Streep
    3. Angelina Jolie
    2. Maya Rudolph
    1. Kristin Wiig

    I haven’t watched many movies that your list of actors were in but from the ones that I have watched, I definitely agree. I picked Maya Rudolph and Kristin Wiig as my second and first choices because I’m highly interested in comedy movies and to me they truly have a gift of making people laugh and making the character’s they play seem real and their relationships even more real. There is a warmness to their characters, almost as if they’re who they really are. They’re so relatable I feel like many women are looking for that connection between people on screen, their issues, and if there is some type of connection between the actors and themselves in general. I chose Angelina Jolie because she has never failed to wow me in her performance of a strong, independent, women. She’s pushed past the borders of “women belong in the kitchen” stereotype and has shined a whole new light on what women are capable of doing. I chose Johnny Depp because his ability to create such creative, completely distinct characters, and yet make them likable is beyond me.

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  26. 1. Jason statham- i love the way he takes on a role and just brings it to life with his acting
    2. Dylan Obrien
    3. Lucy Hale
    4. Jenifer Lawrence
    5. Denzel Washington
    6. Kerry Washington
    7. Tony Goldwyn
    8. Sandra Bullock
    9. Robin Williams
    10. Dwayne Johnson

    1. Great choices! I love Jennifer Lawrence, she's an amazing actress!:-)

  27. 1. Johnny Depp
    2. Reese Witherspoon
    3. Zach Galifianakis
    4. Bruce Willis
    5. Jason Statham
    6. Jackie Chan
    7. Shia LaBeouf
    8. Emma Stone
    9. Rachel Mcadams
    10. Evanna Lynch

    The actors and actresses I have chose have practically been "the icing on my cake" when it comes to watching movies. I feel like, if a movie is coming on with one of these people, better get the snacks, because I'm watch the whole thing. The performances they give, give me enthusiasm and they are liberating.

    1. I have not seen full performances with of the people on your top ten list so I decided to watch clips of each of their performances. I agree that your list includes talented actors that are indeed entertaining.

    2. Yes I definitely feel they are very talented actors

  28. 1.Billy Unger
    2.Leo Howard
    3.Dove Cameron
    4.Olivia Holt
    5.Kelli Berglund
    6.Jaden Smith
    7.Kristen Stewart
    8.Jace Norman
    9.Ariana Grande
    10.Jennifer Lawrence
    Because they all are very humorous in their acting careers and I want to be just like them, successful in acting. Also they all bring me great emotions when I watch them on tv.

  29. 1 Billy Unger 2 be at Howard 3 dove Cameron 4 olivia holt 5 Kelli Berglund 6 Jaden Smith 7 Kristen Stewart 8 Jason Norman 9 ariana grande 10 Jennifer Lawrence "why?" because they all are very humorous in their acting careers and I want to be just like them, successful in acting. also they all bring great emotions to me when I watch them on TV. I think hour list is very and generally talented actors so yes I agree with you.

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  31. It is not easy to give a number to each of them.
    There are many good actors but I have chosen those who make me feel part of the film, live it as real or because they are truly good at making people laugh (which is not that easy either).
    My favourite actors/actresses are:
    1. Harrison Ford
    2. Denzel Washington
    3. Tom Hank
    4. Antony Hopkins
    5. Jessica Lange
    6. Will Smith
    7. Kevin Kline
    8. Johnny Depp
    9. Robin Wiliams
    10. Jackie Chan

  32. My top ten:
    10)Nina Dobrev
    9)Elizabeth Taylor
    8)Angelina Jolie
    7)Rosamund Pike
    6)Lena Headey
    5)Natalie Dormer
    4)Robin Williams
    3)Johnny Depp
    2)Chris Wood
    1)Liam Neeson
    They are all AMAZING actors and very talented... Also they change in every character they play and that's so cool.

    1. To be able to do really different characters is an hability that definitely deserves respect! And that requires a lot of work, of course.

    2. I agree that the way that these actors change in each role that they play as well as the situations that they are in the the movies and I find it amazing they they can portray such a wide arrange of personalities and the emotions that the characters go through in respect to their personalities.

      You have chosen amazing actors on your list! They are good people for you to look up to! :) Never lose hope!

  33. My top ten are:
    10) Alan Rickman
    9) Keanu Reeves
    8) Gene Kelly
    8) Kevin Spacey
    7) Stanley Tucci
    6) Alan Cumming
    5) Jack Nicholson
    4) Fred Astaire
    3) Robin Williams
    2) Charlie Chaplin
    1) Merryl Streep

    Merryl Streep seems to truly understand all the characters that she does, both Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly amaze me with their charisma and their habilities in all of the stage arts, Stanley Tucci has a special place in my heart also because of the emotion he impresses in all of his characters.
    Some of these actors have the hability of doing drastically different characters while others seem to do just one specific type of character extremely well. I respect both things because you need to truly connect with the character and understand it both physically and emotionally in the two acting styles.

  34. Here are my top 10 actors:
    1. Dylan O'brien
    2. Robin Williams
    3. Jennifer Lawrence
    4. Emma Stone
    5. Thomas Brodie-Sangster
    6. Adam Sandler
    7. Asa Butterfield
    8. Logan Lerman
    9. Johnny Depp
    10. Will Smith

    These are some of the actors who have been the most inspirational to me. They play a range of characters with different personalities! In their movies they are in different situations and I find it amazing how they put themselves in their characters shoes. These are the people I look up to and admire.

  35. They are not in order
    1. Adam Sandler
    2. Jennifer Aniston
    3. Logan Lerman
    4. Emma Stone
    5. Johnny Depp
    6. Tom Cruise
    7. Sandra Bullock
    8. Will Smith
    9. Jackie Chan
    10. Chad Michael Murray

    These actors are on my list because they have a way of making me believe that they are actually this different person.

    1. Great list of A list actors/actresses.

  36. My top ten list:
    1. Leonardo DiCaprio ( His acting is so amazing and his portrayal of his characters. I mean he needs an Oscar.)
    2. Jennifer Aniston ( She is definitely a gift. Her range is amazing.)
    3. Sasha Pieterse ( People do not give her enough recognition. She starting filming Pretty Little Liars at the age of 12 and Her ability is absolutely brilliant. Her acting is fantastic.)
    4. Al Pacino ( I mean, wow)
    5. Will Smith ( He is a legend.)
    6. Selena Gomez ( People tend to over look her because of Disney roots. But she was proved herself several times in different types of films. )
    7. Meryl Streep ( She truly embodies every character she plays.)
    8. Lucy Hale. ( I mean some of the scenes she does are truly memorizing. I could watch them over and over. )
    9. Angelina Jolie. ( But of course. She is just breath taking in her performances.)
    10. I can't decide between Rachel McAdams or Sandra Bullock. ( They are simply outstanding.
    I honesty want to add so many more people.

    1. I totally agree with Angelina Jolie and practically everyone else on this list.

    1. LISA RAYE

    1. Eddie Murphy is a real good actor. When he comes out in Beverly hills cop which is one of my all time favorites. He is not the cop that everyone expects

  38. Amber Marshall
    Graham Wardle
    Paul Walker
    Michelle Morgan
    Alishia Newton
    Dove Cameron
    Vanessa Marano
    Cindy Busby
    Blair Redford
    Katie Leclerc
    I chose these people because when the act in a movie/show they always make it seem WAY interesting with all the actions, expressions, and looks the use that makes their character POP

    1. Paul walker help make fast and the furious what it became. His acting was excellent so natural, that's why he was the best choice for that role in the movie, that California boy

  39. Dylan O'Brien
    Tyler Posey
    Crystal Reed
    Chris Pratt
    Omar Sy
    Blake Lively
    Leighton Meester
    Chace Crawford
    Ed Westwick

    I think all these actors and Actresses show a unique personality, they are definitely amazing people whether it's behind a camera or there everyday life! They always put a 110% into what they love.

  40. Matt Damon
    Brad Pitt
    Eric bena
    Anthony Anderson
    Jaredp adalecki
    Johnny depp
    Orlando bloom
    Jensen ackles
    Christian Bale
    Heath ledger

    my favorite actor but have to be Orlando Bloom I love his style and I have loved all of his movies he's ever been in. I love the characters he portrays and I feel I can relate to them than any other part he does

    1. Johnny Depp is amazing and so versatile.

    2. I like your list very much. Heath Ledger was the best Joker ever, no one else will ever do that character justice again,Johnny Depp is just pure awesome, excellent list.

    3. I don't know who most of the actors you chose are, but I agree that Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, and Health Ledger were amazing actors!

  41. Ashley benson
    Shay Mitchell
    Troian bellisario
    Lucy hale
    Annalyne McCord
    Jim Carey
    Jennifer Anniston

  42. I don't know that many actors but I like misha Collins

    1. Yes Misha is a great actor, i love supernatural that's my show!

  43. 1.Melissa McCarthy
    2. Liam Neeson
    3.Jensen Ackles
    4. Taraji P. Henson
    5. Kevin Heart
    6. Jimmy Fallon
    7. Beyonce
    8. Misha Collins
    9. Chad Tatum
    10. Jennifer Lawrence

    1. Your list is very good and diverse. Love Liam Neeson and Jennifer Lawrence.

  44. 1. Sierra Boggess
    2. Ramin Karimloo
    3. Cate Blunchett
    4. Richard Madden
    5. Lily James
    6. Henry Cavill
    7. Amy Adams
    8. Laura Osnes
    9. Harriet Harris
    10. Barbara Streisand

    I love them because they put so much effort into their roles and they play them with their passion. I love how they act through their souls and put the emotions into their acting.

  45. 1.Dove Cameron
    2.Olivia Holt
    3.Jennifer Lawrence
    4.Cameron Boyce
    5.Booboo Stewart
    6.Zendaya Coleman
    7.Bella Thorne
    8.Brigdit Mendler
    9. Leigh-Allyn Baker
    10.Jason Dolly

  46. 1. Shailene Woodley
    2. Johnny Depp
    3. Ian Somerhalder
    4. Kristen Stewart
    5. Theo James
    6. Denzel Washington
    7. Addison Timlin
    8. Mila Kunis
    9. Matt Damon
    10. Kate Winslet

    I chose Shailene as my top choice because I'm my opinion she has rocked every role she has done. I also love everything she stands for outside of her acting jobs.

  47. My comments on your list: I don't watch a lot of movies because, I'm a cartoon/anime fan. One thing I can say is, I did watch forest gump and I do agree with where you placed Tom Hanks.

    ~My Top 10 list~
    1. Tara strong
    2. Todd Haberkorn
    3. Johnny Yong Bosch
    4. Vic Mignogna
    5. J Michael Tatum
    6. Crispin Freeman
    7. Bryce Papenbrooke
    8. Cherami Leigh
    9. Mathew Mercer
    10. Josh Grelle

    Tara is #1 because she is outstanding with every role she takes on from bubbles from "Powerpuff Girls" to Raven from "Teen Titans". She always sound different with every character she plays.

    1. I am so happy to see voice actors from some one else on here! I was looking through everyone's posts to see who to comment on, and I noticed that you picked voice actors as well. A lot of the actors you chose are my personal favorites. I love that you put J Michael Tatum on here. A lot of people don't usually mention him. Great choices!

  48. 1 zachary levi
    2 yvonne Strahovski
    3 andrew lincoln
    4 Tom hanks
    5 Matt Damon
    6 norman reedus
    7 Toby minute
    8 Robert Downey Jr
    9 will Smith
    10 Adam Baldwin

  49. Lidsay Lohan ( JUST KIDDING!!!!)

    Omari Hardwick
    Robert Downey Jr.
    Leonardo Dicaprio
    Matt Damon
    Will Smith
    Tom Cruise
    Robert DE Niro
    Jamie Foxx (Great in the Ray Charles movie)
    Bradley Cooper
    Gene Hackman

    1. I commented on one of your comments from Day 1 and I think you have a great list. There are a few people there that I have on my list and a few that I should have put! but not enough slots. You have great taste man!

  50. My top 10 favorite actors/actresses #1 John Wayne "The Duke". I picked him as #1 for a reason. He was the epitome of the everyday American. I mean what little boy doesn't idolize him? Loved him in True Grits,She Wore A Yellow Ribbon, McClintock; I don't believe the man made a bad movie. My favorite was always The War Wagon. #2 Clint Eastwood Everyone knows the " squint", the cigar smoking, six gun toting badass. And how can we forget "Make my day" and "Do you feel lucky punk?" Loved him in Fist Full of Dollars, The Good,The Bad,The Ugly,Every Which Way But Loose,Gran Torino,etc. #3 Robin Williams (May he rest in peace) What a comedic dynamo. He brought so much laughter to the world while suffering with his inner demons of depression. From a meager start as a lovable bumbling alien in Mork and Mindy, to Mrs. Doubtfire, and who can forget as the voice of Genie on Aladdin, and Dead Poet's Society, etc. #4 Jim Carrey Another great actor. I mean no one else could have played Ace Ventura, or the lovable foil Stanley Ipkiss in The Mask. And nobody else could ever pull off "The Grinch" from "How The Grinch Stole Christmas. #5 Sylvester Stallone The man who started out as a porn star and became a top block buster contender. Love him as Rocky, and Rambo, The Expendables, but my favorite is Over The Top. #6 Arnold Schwarzenegger Gotta love Arnie. His accolades are astounding. The Terminator, Predator, Kindergarten Cop" It's not a tumaahh!!";Total Recall, etc. My favorite is Commando. #7 Don Knotts aka Barney Fife the blundering lovable deputy of Mayberry. The man was a great actor. Loved him as Barney, also The Shakiest Gun in The West, Gus,etc. #8 Jessica Tandy A beloved actress by many. Loved her in Driving Miss Daisy,Fried Green Tomatoes,Cocoon, but my favorite was Batteries Not Included. #9 Tom Hanks One of the best. Just awe inspiring. I would die for a chance to work with him. Loved him in the tearjerker The Green Mile,Turner and Hooch,Splash,etc. But he is best known for the indelible "Forrest Gump". #10 Jeff Goldblum A very unique actor. Loved him in Jurrassic Park, Independence Day, The Fly,etc. But my favor ite is as the physics teacher Donald Ripley in the gut wrenching, tearjerking movie " Powder".

  51. My top 10 list off the top of my head ( Not in Order):
    1.Brad Pitt
    2.Channing Tatum
    3.Jennifer Lawrence
    4.Michael B. Jordan
    5.Paul Walker
    6.Taraji Henson
    7.Angelina Jolie
    8.Jada Pinkett Smith
    9.Al Pacino
    10.Leonardo DiCaprio

    I chosen these 10 actors because I think they all play there roles perfectly. I think they all respect the craft to the full extent. a few people on my list are actors who have been acting for a couple of years now but are just now making it big such as Michael B. Jordan. I love the passion he has and I think rising actors have so much ambition. I enjoy every actor on my list.

    1. This is a great list of Actors. Nice. I agree #10 #8 and #3

  52. top ten favorite actors
    leonardo decaprio
    johnny depp
    marlon brando
    denzel washington
    brad pitt
    tom cruz
    christian bale
    anthony hopkins
    john wayne
    clint eastwood
    i picked loenardo dicaprio in my list for his movie in romero and juliet which is a classic, Ive read romeo and juliet in school. The way he played his role with such emotion, and to capture the words of the play into a modern day society. To be able to capture that type of feeling is amazing
    Johnny depp is very good at what he does. He is able to lose himself in that character, and become someone totally different. So many times he has been able to change he attitude completely role after role. At his level it is very hard to accomplish, and I admire him for the acting he has done.
    I grew up watching clint eastwood movies, my mother loves westerns. The western movies that clint eastwood made are unforgetable; he has that certain persona. In his movie"high plains drifter", a man dead and the towns people watching him die and doing nothing to help; then he comes back in another body when the towns people need help bad. He uses them for his own benefit, at the end he ends up helping the towns people with robers of the town, at the same time destroying the town that sent him to his grave. The end of the film he rides away in the desert water wind and fades away.

  53. top ten favorite actors
    leonardo decaprio
    johnny depp
    marlon brando
    denzel washington
    brad pitt
    tom cruz
    christian bale
    anthony hopkins
    john wayne
    clint eastwood
    i picked loenardo dicaprio in my list for his movie in romero and juliet which is a classic, Ive read romeo and juliet in school. The way he played his role with such emotion, and to capture the words of the play into a modern day society. To be able to capture that type of feeling is amazing
    Johnny depp is very good at what he does. He is able to lose himself in that character, and become someone totally different. So many times he has been able to change he attitude completely role after role. At his level it is very hard to accomplish, and I admire him for the acting he has done.
    I grew up watching clint eastwood movies, my mother loves westerns. The western movies that clint eastwood made are unforgetable; he has that certain persona. In his movie"high plains drifter", a man dead and the towns people watching him die and doing nothing to help; then he comes back in another body when the towns people need help bad. He uses them for his own benefit, at the end he ends up helping the towns people with robers of the town, at the same time destroying the town that sent him to his grave. The end of the film he rides away in the desert water wind and fades away.

    1. Really great choices in your top ten actors.

  54. 1. Thomas Brodie Sangster
    2. Robbie Kay
    3. Holland Roden
    4. Dylan O'brien
    5. Maisie Williams
    6. Emilia Clarke
    7. Tyler Posey
    8. Shelley Hennig
    9. Kit Harrington
    10. Debby Ryan

    These 10 people do it for me. They're amazing in what they do, and honestly they seem to love it! Their characters are so believable and interesting, like if I were I would definitely want to know them.

  55. 10. Miley Cyrus
    9. Demi Moore
    8. Selena Gomez
    7. Jennifer Lawrence
    6. Bruce willis
    5. Dwayne Johnson
    4.Paul Walker
    3. Jennifer Aniston
    2.Cameron Diaz
    1. Marilyn Monroe
    These actors and actress I have chosen are such diverse people. They all have been seen playing many different roles. When I see these Characters act I forget that they are acting they make you believe that your watching there lives. they all have such great energy. Many of them have been seen working in a film together and its amazing because they all play so well off each other.

  56. 1.Rupert Grint
    2. Emma Watson
    3.Daniel Radcliff
    4.Benndict Cumberbatch
    5. Raj Kapoor
    6. Vyjyantimala
    7. Sharmila Tagore
    8. Vanessa Hudgens
    9.Olyessa Rulin
    10. Amitabh Bacchan

    1. Though they belong to different industries but they have always touched my heart.. and one more favourite of mine is Robert Pattison he has amazed me in harry potter as well as twilight

  57. 1. Will Smith
    2. Julianna Roberts
    3. Amitabh Bachchan
    4. Emma Watson
    5. Priyanka Chopra
    6. Kishor Kumar
    7. Robert Williams
    8. Deepika Padukone
    9. Mehmood
    10. Shahrukh Khan

    1. They all are extremely talented actors. This list of mine is never ending as I look up to many actors and learn from them They all are very unique in their own way and I try to take their good qualities and work upon it. The main reason, most of them adore them is they connect to us. A person can be very talented, but unless he connects to the audiences he cannot be a star.

  58. 1. Willie Garson
    2. Octavia Spencer
    3. Johnny Depp
    4. Matt Bomer
    5. Robin Williams (RIP)
    6. Meryl Streep
    7. Emily Blunt
    8. Emily Rose
    9. Phoebe Tonkin
    10. Sabrina Carpenter

    These are all actors who have had the capability of really moving me. Like, Fast 7 ending capable of moving me. They are just phenomenal actors.

  59. 1. Meryl Streep
    2. Johnny Depp
    3. Jennifer Lawrence
    4. Jon Cryer
    5. David Tennant
    6. Will Smith
    7. Bailee Madison
    8. Bradley Cooper
    9. Jack Nicholson
    10. Charlie Chaplin

    These are my favorite actors/ actresses they are so different, yet they all know how to entertain. When they act you can tell they love what they do. They make their characters come to life, they put their own real emotions into it.

    1. I agree with you those are all good actors/actresses

    2. Meryl Streep definitely deserves one of the top spots, she is so timeless

  60. 1.Will Smith
    2.James Franco
    3.Chris Tucker
    4.Jamie Foxx
    5.Channing Tatum
    6.Robin Williams
    7.Jonah Hill
    8.Seth Rogan
    9.Antonio Banderas
    10.Shia Lebouf

    I love my list of Actors because you have some that will make you cry ,make you laugh and are sex symbols.

    1. Great list, robin Williams should be higher imo, but I love the guy. Rip robin.

    2. Shia Lebouf! How could I forget about him. He came such a long way from even Stevens! I wish this was a top 20 list instead

  61. #1ashley benson
    #2 Jennifer Lawrence
    #3tom cruise
    #4tyler Blackburn
    #5jason statham
    #6sasha pieters
    #7leonardo dicaprio
    #8 bam margera
    #9 sebrina carpenter
    #10 shay Mitchell

    1. I agree with pretty much everyone on your list, their acting skills as so good that I would aspire to be anyone of them

  62. Jennifer Aniston, Matt le blanc, Rowan Atkinson, robin Williams, Jackie Chan, will Smith, Charlie Chaplin, Johnnie Deph.

    As you can see, I've chosen actors who were best known for comedy. Their personalities diverge, as do their styles, from precise martial arts improv, biting wit, to slap stick, to sarcasm. Isn't it amazing that they were all successful at making us laugh?

  63. 1.Meryl Streep
    2.Julianne Moore
    3.Robert De Niro
    4.Johnny Depp
    5.Marlon Brando
    6.Nicolas Cage
    7.Al Pacino
    8.Leonardo Di Caprio
    9.Angelina Jolie
    10.Dylan O'Brian

  64. 1. Jackie Chan
    2. Robin Williams
    3. Johnny Depp
    4. Nicolas Cage
    5. Evan Rachel Wood
    6. Morgan Freeman
    7. Will Smith
    8. Samuel L. Jackson
    9. Jennifer Lawrence
    10. Harrison Ford

    I do Agree with some of the top 10, but some of them i havent even watched or seen before because im so young. So experience comes with age, unfortunately im not old enough

    1. That's a great list of actors you picked. Morgan Freeman, Samuel L. Jackson, robin Williams, Nicolas Cage and Johnny Depp each have an unique stage presence and a voice that can be identified instantly even without them being seen.

  65. A lot of the actors on your list I didn't really know because they are from a lot of older movies, I definitely agree with Denzel Washington though. He has shown us what real work ethic is, along with Will Smith. The length and strength of their careers are admirable.

    My favorite characters are

    Jennifer Lawrence and her ability to be a chameleon.
    Angelina Jolie, and her power and strength she brings to a characters
    Leonardo Dicaprio
    Will Smith
    Jennifer Aniston
    Helena Bonham Carter
    Taraji P Henson- her feistiness I love
    Regina Hall
    Columbus Short
    Isla Fisher

    1. I don't recognize the last four actors, but I agree that about Lawrence, Jolie, Smith, and Carter. I think Angelina Jolie may be underrated because she's such a star.

  66. From your list:
    Tom Hanks- I think he really became Forrest. It was the first movie I saw with him and I actually thought he was as mentally handicapped as Forrest he was so good at it.

    Harrison Ford- I have loved him in Star Wars and in the Indiana Jones movies. I watched them with my uncle when I was a kid. He made me want to act. His facial expressions and voice/tone fit how his characters would be feeling.

    Denzel Washington- I think he is a very strong actor. He has been so many different characters and seemed to master all of them. So real.

    Robin Williams-I miss him dearly. I have loved him in everything he had been in. I used to imitate animals, sounds, and people because of him.

    Jeff Bridges- I haven't seen many of his movies. I did however like him in The Big Lebowski and Seventh Son. He plays weird old guys very well. I don't mean that negatively. I like him, he's great.

    Dustin Hoffman- I didn't care for the content of some of the movies I have seen him in, but I did love him in Hook. He was Hook.

    My list:

    Robert Carlyle- He seems to become his characters, his eyes, facial expression, voice really help him. I think villain rolls suit him best. He can be a great, scary villain, I wouldn't mess with him. I saw in interview he did at a Comicon, the reporter called him, not Rumple from Once Upon a Time, a bastard, he got a death glare on, leaned forward, and chewed them out. I thought he'd turn them into something or kill them for sure!

    Anthony Hopkins- He is one of my favorite actors. Sometimes I forget he isn't really Hannibal Lectur in Silence of The Lambs. He seems to have a knack for being creepy, scary, and insanely intelligent in his movies. Love it.

    Melissa Mccarthy- She's so hilarious. I wonder if she just improvs for most of her movies. She does seem to be her a lot in her movies. It's cool, she's awesome!

    Kate Winslete- She has done a good job in every role she has been in. I guess when you start acting at such a young age you just get better over time. A Bit of Chaos is one of my favorite movies of hers. Being able to be anyone is such a great thing.

    Alan Rickman- This guy actually freaks me out, in a good way I guess. He has this uncanny ability to make you feel like your in the movie and his character is about to kill you. His facial expressions, voice, timing are amazing!

    Kristin Bauer Van Straten- I first saw her on True Blood the series. I loved how she just became Pam. Even though her character seemed like a huge 'B', you had to love her. I just saw her again on Once Upon a time. She was Maleficent. Great role for her. I'm not sure who else would of done it better.

    Alexander Skarsgard- I think he showed just what he could do when on True Blood, his character Eric, who was normally a jerky vampire, got amnesia and acted more like a scared kitten. It showed he could be other characters. I have also seen him in other movies as well that he did a good job in. I'm sure he will get even better with time.

    Lana Parrilla- So far I have only seen her on Once Upon a time. I know of the movies she is in, but have not been able to find them for free to view anywhere. I love her facial expressions, voice control, timing, and joke cracking on the show. She's like a good villain. She seems very fluid, unforced, believable.

    Jennifer Lawrence- I have only seen her in Winter Bone and The Hunger Games. I think she was truly magnificent for such a young actor. She became her characters. Passion, facial expressions and eyes showed emotion well, her voice was always spot on. She will only get better with age.

    Milla Jovovich- I have to admit I wasn't too into her acting recently. I loved her in any movie she did martial arts though.

    1. I haven't seen most of those actors' work, but I agree that Jennifer Lawrence is a great actress.

  67. I agree with all of your picks, especially Kingsley, Hanks, Washington, and Hoffman. But I’m going to choose the actors and actresses I like the most. Also, instead of choosing ten actors, I’m choosing five men and five women.


    5. Benedict Cumberbatch

    So I may have partly chosen Cumberbatch because he is a totally awesome Sherlock. But he’s also a great actor. Before getting into TV Cumberbatch got a BA and Masters in acting and performed Shakespeare. Recently his performance of Hamlet was so good, reviewers gave him more stars than the production he was in. (It’s ironic that he lost the Oscar to Eddie Redmayne for playing Stephen Hawking, because Cumberbatch has played Hawking before himself.)

    4. Cary Grant

    Cary Grant was really good at comedy in films like “Bringing Up Baby,” but he was also great at drama in “North By Northwest.” He is such an icon I can’t help but include him.

    3. Chris Evans

    This may seem like a nod to the Avengers, but I really think Evans is a great actor. His acting in the original “Fantastic Four” was better than any of the other “four” heroes’ acting. He stands out in those movies and manages to deliver not-so-great dialogue in a convincing and entertaining way. Now, he’s doing all the better with the “Captain America” films’ great dialogue and directing.

    2. Ben Kingsley

    Kingsley’s range is amazing. He’s played Gandhi at different ages, a Jew in a concentration camp, and, more recently, a Mauri fighter pilot. His range is amazing and his performances are always convincing.

    1. Ian McKellen

    McKellen, like Cumberbatch, is, at his core, a Shakespearean actor. I love his dramatic performances. And, yes, I’m totally an LOTR fan. Gandalf is the man.

    5. Liv Tyler

    I know people say she has a narrow range. But I love her performances. She is just such a good Arwen. And I sort of have a crush on her.

    4. Katharine Hepburn

    Who doesn’t love Katharine Hepburn? She is an icon of the Classic Hollywood Era. Her performances are convincing and highly entertaining.

    3. Eva Green

    Green is a lesser-known actress, I think. She played Bond’s star-crossed love interest in “Casino Royale” and the witch antagonist in the very bad movie “Dark Shadows.” Her performance in “Royale” doesn’t stand out too much. Until you realize she’s French. No, she didn’t grow up in Britain. “Dark Shadows” is an awful movie, but her performance in it is outstanding.

    2. Cate Blanchett

    Cate Blanchett is amazing. She always tends to play very dignified characters. Yet she has quite a range.

    1. Meryl Streep

    Meryl Streep. ‘Nough said.

    1. I love Chris Evans! I feel like he is so underappreciated as an actor, and the fact that he is so humble!! Amazing!

    2. I know, right? It's cool that someone like that has seen such great success.

  68. I loved your list!
    My Top 10 (in no order actually) are:
    1. Paul Walker
    2. Freddie Prinze Jr
    3. Jensen Ackles
    4. Will Smith
    5. Jada Pinkett Smith
    6. Denzel Washington
    7. James Franco
    8. Bradley Cooper
    9. Raven-Symone
    10. Martin Lawrence

    I think there are a few more I would squeeze in and I love these actors because they have all shape the way I look at my craft and my love for the art itself.

    1. Actually, I think I might replace Jada Pinkett Smith for Kerry Washington.

    2. Jensen Ackles is a beautiful human being uhg! He made My Bloody Valentine worth watching and it was cool to see him as the messed up character :)

  69. 1.  Jake Gyllenhaal
    2.  Sebastian Stan
    3.  Mark Ruffalo
    4.  Jensen Ackles
    5.  Jesse Eisenburg
    6.  Robert Downey Jr.
    7.  Kristin Wigg
    8.  Leonardo DiCaprio
    9.  Tom Hanks
    10. Lee Pace

    Obviously I agree with the choice of Tom Hanks :) I chose the rest of the people though because they've all made me cry (sometimes of laughter) at least once. The people who can push u to tears with their acting are the most talented.

  70. I like some of your top 10, but some I don't. I think that their range could be better. I chose my top 10 based upon roles and ranges.

    1. Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight was unbelievably incredible!
    2. Johnny Depp. I love the way this guy takes a role and makes it his life!
    3. Cuba Gooding Jr. in Men of Honor was a mind blowing performance for Cuba!
    4. Queen Latifah is a woman that doesn't allow type casting! She's a bad sister!
    5. Denzel Washington. What else can I say. He demands.
    6. Viola Davis is the female Denzel Washington that demands her presence.
    7. Leonardo DiCaprio
    8. Robert Downey Jr. His characters take over him completely.
    9. Will Smith in everything! I just love his unstoppable will to give his audience exactly what they need.
    10. Last and never least Angelina Jolie in Wanted! Man, she is awesome at what she does.

  71. 1. Jeremy Renner because his performance of being anybody he chooses make me want to be an actor.
    2. Tom Hardy because he is just such a unique talent I want to be able to find my character as he does.
    3. Meryl Streep because she is just flawless.
    4. Marion Coltillard because she was able to range from her character in "The immigrant" to a bad guy in "The Dark Night"
    5. Angelina Jolie because her performance in "Beyond Borders" was a very big inspiration for me.
    6. AJ Michalka because she can be both comedic and dramatic which is what I want to be.
    7. Keira Knightly Because her performances in period pieces is brilliant.
    8. Mark Ruffalo because he is just Hulk-Smashingly Awesome.
    9. Chris Evans because who wouldn't want to be like him.
    10. And obliviously Clive need to explain why.

  72. 1) Lily Collins
    2) Tom Cruise
    3) Lyndsy Fonseca
    4) Maggie Q
    5) Chris Evans
    6) Shailene Woodley
    7) Shay Mitchell
    8) Samuel L. Jackson
    9) Chloe Grace Moretz
    10) Chris Pratt

    Each of these actors have played a character which made me feel something different when I'm watching them. It's as if my emotions are heightened because of their acting. I do aspire to be like Shay Mitchell one day even though she isn't on the top of my list, it's her general well being is what I aspire to be like but Lily Collins expresses her emotions so well when she is acting and that is how well I want to act one day.

  73. 1- Mickey Rourke
    2- Gary Oldman
    3- Eric Roberts
    4- Liev Schriber
    5- Michael Keaton
    6- Brad Pitt
    7- Jack Nicholson
    8- Robert DeNiro
    9- James Dean
    10- Tom Hardy

    My list is made up of actors I feel at least to me come across as different than what the norm may be. Actors who have managed to create lasting characters and moments for me. Actors with depth, grit and such craft.

  74. This was a fun assignment. I went thru several hundred of my favorite movies and wrote down my top actors. I was surprised how quickly my list grew. It took awhile for me to narrow a list down to only 10 and I feel l have left out many great actors because of it. My list isn't in a particulate order. These are all great actors that have inspired me.
    Robin Williams
    Denzel Washington
    Jason Statham
    Nicolas Cage
    Steven Seagal
    Mark Wahlberg
    Bruce Willis
    Sylvester Stallone
    Matthew McConaughey
    Matt Damon

  75. *Abigail Breslin
    *Jennifer Lawrence.
    *Johnny Depp
    *Josh Hutcherson
    *Charlie Plummer
    *Freddie Highmore
    *Skander Keynes
    *Sam Claflin
    *Robin Williams
    *Georgie Henley
    All of them are amazing at what they do, and really bring life to the characters they play. I have also noticed, that most, if not all are amazing at working with the other people they are acting with. And, the ones that started out when they were pretty young are a real inspiration. Especially seeing how they turned out, as such great successes :) I love all of them :)

  76. -Lee Pace
    -Ian Mckellen
    -Cate Blanchett
    -Matt Damon
    -Benedict Cumberbatch
    -Tom Hiddleson
    -Liv Taylor
    -Jennifer Lawrence
    -Harrison Ford
    -Christopher Lee
    By no means is this list in order i could never pick any one that was my absolute favourite as they are all wonderful actors who are great at what they do, some for longer than others but they all do a great job of convincing me of their character and inspiring me to great lengths. They work hard at what they do and are focused on their craft.

  77. 1.Jennifer Lawrence
    2.Shailene Woodley
    3.Angelina Jolie
    4.Ruby Rose
    5.Paul Walker
    6.Johnny Depp
    7.Josh Hutcherson
    8.Dave Franco
    9. Zac Efron
    10. Lilly Collins

    I picked these people because in most of their movies, they give us, the Audience, on what we want to see. and how we want them to act. Like the neighbors Zac Efron over exaggerated his act as a frat boy but that's what kept the audience interested in the movie

  78. 1. Robin Williams
    2. Denzel Washington
    3. Will Smith
    4. Anthony Hopkins
    5. Tom Hanks
    6. Leonardo DiCaprio
    7. Robert Deniro
    8. Jack Nicholson
    9. Meryl Streep
    10. Johnny Depp

    All of these actors have the amazing ability to become the characters that they are portraying and have me either hating, or rooting for them.

  79. 1. Michael C. Hall (I mean, he's freaking amazing)
    2. Meryl Streep
    3. Anthony Rapp
    4. Jennifer Carpenter
    5. Jared Padalecki
    6. Jensen Ackles
    7. Judy Garland
    8. Liza Minelli
    9. John Lithgow
    10. Idina Menzel

  80. 10. Jennifer Aniston
    9. Kate Winslet
    8. Zoe Saldana
    7. Idris Elba
    6. Leonardo DiCaprio
    5. Terrence Howard
    4. Chiwetel Ejiofor
    3. Taraji P. Henson
    2. Jennifer Lawrence
    1. Jason Statham.

    These are my top ten but because just like me I believe they got most of you to think that was their true character in most of the films they played a role.

  81. I agree with #9 on your favorites lists because I believe he was a very powerful and inspirational man and a lot of people were and are inspired by him.
    1. Paul Walker
    2. Robert De Niro
    3. Al Pacino
    4. Mark Wahlberg
    5. Rob Lowe
    6. Meryl Streep
    7. Jennifer Lawrence
    8. Charlize Theron
    9. Mila Kunis
    10. Natalie Portman
    These people are my favorite actors and actresses because I believe they are extremely talented, I love all their work! They inspire me and others! They're extremely talented individuals, they really put themselves in the mind of their characters, and they do an awesome job!!! :)

  82. I agree with your list and here are some of my favorite actors

    1.Will Smith
    2.Leonardo DiCaprio
    3.Andrew Lincoln
    4.Melissa Suzanne McBride
    5.Chandler Riggs
    6.Jake short
    7.Bradley Steven Perry
    8.Peyton List
    9.Cameron Boyce
    10.Karan Brar
    These are some of my favorite actor some are from Disney but they are awesome actor. Day 3 Dillan Victory

  83. 10 Favorite Actors (in no particular order):
    1. Harison Ford- he's played so many different roles, and yet he plays them all well
    2. Robbin Williams- he is so good at acting out all sorts of different emotions
    3. Chloe Grace Mortez- she rocks the accents and is very good at potraying variations of distress which are hard to perform
    I've given a few with reason I like them, the rest I'll just give names
    4. Allan Rickman
    5. Alex Etel
    6. Ben Stiller
    7. Selena Gomez
    8. Julie Dawn Cole (Willy Wonka)
    9. Julie Andrews
    10. Moises Arias

    1. I like your choice at #1, I find it amazing as well that not only is he known as Han Solo from the Star Wars series, but also as Indiana Jones from the Indiana Jones series and Rick Deckard from Blade Runner.

  84. Chris Colfer
    Paul Walker
    Eddie Murphy
    Bruce Willis
    Lea Michelle
    Matt Damon
    Marton Csokas
    Jennifer Aniston
    Ben Stiller
    Steve Carrel

    I like all of these actors and actresses because of the way they seem like they feel the parts they play. I have a wide variety from dramatic people to funny people. These are the top ten people that I would want to meet if I had a chance.

  85. 1. Zoe Kazan
    2. Matt Dillon
    3. Rob Lowe
    4. Robin Williams
    5. Jared Leto
    6. Essie Davis
    7. Henry Thomas (Yes, his big role was Elliot in E.T.) I chose him because his audition tape for E.T. was astonishing. For a child like he was, it was amazing. Thomas pulled those tears out like it was a business card.
    8. Angelina Jolie
    9. Matt Damon
    10. Carey Mulligan

    Every single one of these actors has their own style when acting. That's what makes them great, they're uniqueness. How they portray themselves in everything they do (film wise) shows how amazing they are. That's what one of my goals are for acting, finding my own personal method to act and have that show in my films.

  86. On your list, I agreed with many of them. Actors like Dustin Hoffman and Robin Williams, surely deserve a spot in any top 10 because of their skill and charm they bring to characters. However, everyone has different preferences and I disagreed with a few on there myself. A lot of them I hadn't heard of, however.

    Here is my top 10:
    Steve Blum
    Ali Hillis
    Steve Staley
    Robin Atkin Downes
    Richard Armitage
    Martin Freeman
    Ian McKellen
    Elijah Wood
    Robin Williams
    Michelle Yeoh

    I chose these actors because they all bring something to their characters. I'm excited when I see them in these. They are all pretty recognizable, and they all usually play powerful characters. I don't mean powerful in the physical sense, necessarily. I mean it in the way that you can feel the resolve when they choose to do something. You feel their emotions in their actions. They are all extremely believable.

    1. I agree! Ian and Elijah in LotR are some of the best roles they have played! All of these actors always have so much to bring to every role they play.

    2. I didn't even think of some of these, but you're right. Elijah Wood, while not extremely popular outside of LOTR, did a fantastic job with what he tried to do.

  87. Raekwon Thomas
    Chris rock
    Chris tucker. brad pitt
    Taylor perry. Will smith


  88. These actors are unique in their own way. Each of these actors can play multiple characters beyond their means. Each actor has it own character.
    Will Smith:
    Versatile multi talented in his own way.He can also relate to all genders, Male Female, Children, Elders, Couples, White, Black, Chinese, Asian,
    Kerry Washington:
    Talented Actress with high standards.

  89. Your list of actors are perfect . I do not disagree.
    My favorite 10 Actors
    1. Angela Basette
    2. Will Smith
    3. Kerry Washington
    4. JD Williams
    5. Chris Tucker
    6. Chris Rock
    7. Nia Long
    8. Jada Picket
    9. Lorenze Tate
    10. Katt Williams

    These actors are some of the people I look up to. everyone is different in their own way. To work with some of these people are amazing and magnificent. Never thought I be side by side working with these award winning actors.

    When you see something that is so beautiful and how its put together, your frame of thought changes from what to wow.

    I recommend that each of you who is trying to pursue acting, get some classes. Get involve with your local theater, and get to know your community theater and what they do.

  90. My top 10 favorites are:
    Shailene Woodly
    Jennifer Lawrence
    Emma Watson
    Daniel Radcliffe
    Olivia Halt
    Rowan Blanchard
    Leo Howard
    Debby Ryan
    Robin Williams
    Josh Hutcherson
    These actors are from my favorite movies and old favorite TV shows. Some of these the
    production wasn't the best but the actors were really good. This list is in no particular order. That is why I chose these actors.

  91. Tom Hanks
    Clint Eastwood
    John Wayne
    Viggo Mortensen
    Audrey Hepburn
    Robin Williams
    Sean Astin
    Ian Mckellen
    Marlon Brando
    Peter O' Toole
    These are in no particular order as I could not bring myself to choose favorites. I chose these actors not only because they are some of my favorites in the roles they have played, but they each transport you in a way only quality film can do.

  92. 1. Chloë Grace Moretz
    2. Miley Cyrus
    3. Shailene Woodley
    4. Ansel Elgort
    5. Jennifer Lawrence
    6. Lily Collins
    7. Jamie Campbell Bower
    8. Evan Peters
    9. Taissa Farmiga
    10. Ashley Rickards

    I choose them because they are so great actors. I can watch their films over and over again. They never going to be boring. I just love them and their acting and films.

  93. My Top 10 actors are:
    Angelina Jolie
    Robert Downey Jr.
    Brad Pitt
    Joseph Morgan
    Jennifer Lawrence
    Johnny Depp
    Denzel Washington
    Leonardo DiCaprio
    Paul Wesley
    Will Smith

    I chose these actors because in their movies/series they actually make me feel a connection with their characters and they made a character which came from a script/book come to life in so many ways.

  94. My top actors are
    1. Robin Williams
    2.Groucho Marx
    3. Gene Kelly
    4. Humphrey Bogart
    5. Frank Sinatra
    6. Johnny Depp
    7. Robert Downey Jr.
    8. Audrey Hepburn
    9. James Stewart
    10. Gregory Peck
    I chose these actors because they all seemed to have a mastery over the movies they were in whether for the delivery of the lines, their wit, or quite simply their character. As noticed there are quite a few comedic actors on here because i feel that comedy is an extremely tough genre with timing, wit, and execution having to all mesh at once.

    1. Nice chart man.I agree that comedy is one of the most difficult genres to play and only actors like Robin Williams can do it so perfect

  95. Top ten Artists no specific order
    Denzel washington
    Angelina Jolie
    Tom hanks
    Harrison Ford
    Eddie Murphy
    Michael b Jordan
    Angela Bassett
    Robin williams
    Eartha Kitt
    Journey Smollet
    They are my favs becasue of how they diversified themselves and didn't stick to one role but played many roles throughout their careers. Most are still actors today.

  96. 10. Shia Labeouf
    9. Scarlett Johansson
    8. Chris Evan
    7. Robert Downey Jr.
    6. Leonardo DiCaprio
    5. Johnny Depp
    4. Henry Cavill
    3. Will smith
    2. Jackie Chan
    1. Tom Cruise

  97. 10. Kevin Hart
    9. Brandy Norwood
    8. Alfonso Ribero
    7. Chris Rock
    6. Dwayne The Rock Johnson
    5. Traci Ellis Ross
    4. Will Smith
    3. Anthony Anderson
    2. Johnny Depp
    1. Leonardo DiCaprio

  98. I actually have no disagreements with your top ten list. In fact, I would like to steal Charlie Chaplain and Jeff Bridges for my own list. I won't put them in any order however.

    Jeff Bridges -- Jeff is a killer behind a camera. He is a mastermind at owning his character. From True Grit, to Iron Man, to The Giver, in which he absolutely blew me away. I am an avid reader, and am very picky when books become movies, but him and Meryl Streep are so talented that there needed to be no worry for their characters at the very least. However, Against all Odds takes the cake.

    Charlie Chaplain-- When you're a mostly silent film actor, you must be able to deliver, and CHarlie Chaplain does just this. I'll be honest I never remember the movies/shows I've seen him in, it's always just random, but I am always captivated by his performance.

    Queen Latifah- The true definition of a triple threat, Queen Latifah is a brilliant actress, singer, and rapper. Her roles in movies, such as Set it off and Chicago, have proven she is a force to be reckoned with. Even her role in Living Single was well executed, though less serious and falls in line with movies such as Bringing down the House. Thankfully she was able to prove that she was better than films like Beauty Shop or the Cookout.

    Leo Dicaprio- As I've stated, Leo is greatly under appreciated. He is a brilliant actor with a wonderful range of expression. My all time favorite role is Teddy in Shutter Island. What an amazing experience that was. That's followed by Calvin in Django and Romeo in Romeo and Juliet. These roles were complete opposites, but he brought them both to life. Again, I love books, and I was proud of his delivery in the remake of the Great Gatsby as well. He is a chameleon.

    Meryl Streep- AS I mentioned earlier I loved her in the Giver. But her prowess don't end there. Though the Devil Wears Prada wasn't the most amazing movie, she herself was a lioness on a hunt. From stuck on you to Julie and Julia, she is amazing.

    Rosario Dawson-- I first realized that Rosario was amazing with the film rendition of the musical Rent. She became Mimi and I believed every moment. Then in the movie, Deja Vu with Denzel, I saw she had an ability that I don't think most people see in her.

    Gwen Stewart-- One of the original cast members of the Rent stage play, she has also starred in stage play productions of The Wiz. She is amazing with an amazing voice and talent on the stage.

    Denzel Washington-- Denzel is another Chameleon as he has done so many roles from Man on Fire to John Q and has been delivered on each and every one of them. Never have I seen a bad Denzel movie. I can't pin point a favorite Denzel movie, as he is so amazing. He has also been trained in stage acting, which brings a whole new range to the camera.

    Judi Dench- This original Bond girl has way more accomplishments then many people may know. She is also trained in the ways of the stage, giving her a leg up on many other actors in Ireland and America. SHe has killed all the Bond movies in which she stars and was the most amazing Lady Macbeth I have ever witnessed. Her performance in Hamlet was also one that would be hard to rival. I love Shakespeare and she nailed both of those roles.

    Last but certainly not least is Sammy DAvis Jr.-- What an amazing man. He is talented from here back to Puerto Rico and the world is blessed to have been able to experience his talent and grace.

    I'll be honest my top ten list changes often as I see new people, movies, and plays, but right now I'm happy with this list.

  99. 1. Jamie Campbell Bower - He not only researches his characters thoroughly and works his butt off to become them, he makes sure that even when he isn't in the forefront of the scene, he is still acting in the background. He doesn't just slip out of character when he isn't the focal point.

    2. Johnny Depp - He is such a talented person, he can play basically any role he puts his mind to. He can play a goofy, silly character or a solemn, haunted character and still give off the same sense of knowing to the audience.

    3. David Tennant - The emotion Tennant displays in anything he does is overwhelming. He knows how to put himself into the character and show the audience exactly what they are feeling.

    4. Leonardo Decaprio - I love him for similar reasons to David Tennant. He has this innate ability to portray the emotions of his characters really well, but he always adds a bit of quirk in there.

    5. Jennifer Lawrence - I can't say I've seen her in very many things other than The Hunger Games, but I admire her for how well she brought the character to life. She took all of the grief and determination and confusion to life in a way that made the character almost identical in live action as it was in the books. It is impressive.

    6. Robin Williams - My favorite part about him is that he always brought humor into his characters. Knowing now how depressed and messed up he was inside, I think it's truly impressive and remarkable that he could always make people laugh, no matter what character he was playing.

    7. Lily Collins - Like Jennifer Lawrence, she brought Clary to life in City of Bones more realistically than I could have imagined possible. I loved how she portrayed the character--fierce, strong, brave, determined, clever, and still emotional and broken. I saw the character differently than a lot of people I know when reading the books, and her interpretation of the character impressed me. I loved how she just got into the acting and didn't falter in keeping the character alive.

    8. Alan Rickman - I've seen him in several things, and he always brings a darkness to a character that a lot of people can't pull off. It's almost as if he himself has a darkness that he's putting into his acting. I admire the bravery that it takes to do that.

    9. Lena Headey - I've only seen her in Game of Thrones and City of Bones, but the difference in the characters she plays in both is drastic. She played both the terrified, protective mother and a somewhat messed up, power-crazy queen extremely well. I admire her ability to go from one to another like that.

    10. Maisie Williams - Her character in Game of Thrones is confusing, but brave and strong and determined and caring above all. Imagine my surprise when she showed up in Doctor Who as this woman who has lived for so long she can't even remember her own name, nonetheless how to love another. The fact that she could pull off such different characters in such a thorough, believable way blows my mind.

  100. 10.Bradley cooper
    9.Dwane johnson
    8.robert downey jr.
    7.tom cruise
    6.mark wahlberg
    5.Paul walker
    4.jhonny depp
    3.will smith
    2.Tom Hanks
    1.Leonardo de Caprio

  101. 1) Karan brat
    2) Selena Gomez
    3) Taylor Swift
    4) Jenifer Lopez

  102. 1.Leonardo DeCaprio
    2.Denzel Washington
    3.Johny Depp
    4.Catherine zeta Jones
    5.Brad Pitt
    6.Scarlet Johanson
    7.Robert Deniro
    8.Morgan Freeman
    9. Angelina Joulie
    10.Ashton Kutcher
    They are my top 10 actors because of the charisma the have.Also they arent stuck into one type or role but in many varieties.For me all of these names are brand for masterpiece

    1. I agree,they are outstanding actors! Truly remarkable on the big screen. A lot of charisma and talent too.

  103. I agree with your list of top 10 actors. they are all very very good actors..
    My top 10 actors are;
    1) Charlie chaplin
    i chose him as a no 1 actor in my list because he was the first person who made us laugh so much even in a silent movie... no other can do like he did... he was and is the no 1 actor for me.
    2) stan laurel and oliver hardy
    i chose them for the spot of number 2.. i chose them because while i was small on my childhood before seeing any other Hollywood movies i used to see them.. my childhood used to be so awesome because they used to come on tv.. i never used to miss a single episode.. stan comedy timing and oliver reaction were just too much..they were the best comedy actor.
    3) Jackie Chan
    i chose him as no 3 because i even use to see him from childhood his acting in every is just too awesome.. i even feel like doing some action scenes and kung fu like him.. his acting was very realaistic
    4)leonardio da caprio
    he is the best actor in the whole world. his acting timing no one can match him. i saw him the first time in titanc. and i became fan of his acting from that movie..after that i never missed his any movie.. my 2nd favourite of his movie is romeo and Juliet..
    5) Salman khan
    though i kept him in no 5 he is no 1 always for me..he is one of the best actor..he rule Bollywood.. his every movie is a sure hit.. i like his styles everything.. i like him as actor because he is a great person in real life too. no one can be compared with him.
    6) Aamir khan
    He is also called mr perfectionist..his every movie is too unique..and his every movie does really great because of his acting. for every movie he works very hard, he even risk his life to be fit for the character of the movie.
    7) Johnny deep
    as we all know , he is also one of great actor in world. even he should be in no 1. i have become fan of his from the movie pirates of the caribeean. that was the first movie of him which i saw. after seeing him , until now i haven't missed his single movie.. he had a great acting skills.
    8)Brad pit
    i have became fan of him from the movie fury..his style of acting and everything. he just have a great skills of acting.
    9) irfan khan
    he is one of best actor of Bollywood. his timing of acting. sense of humour everything is just beyond the level. now he is charming in Hollywood too.
    10) Emma Watson
    well , what to say about her..though being sweet,cute and beautiful her acting is also very nice.. in every series of harry potter she have done a great job.

  104. My Top 10 list:

    1. Daniel Henney
    2. Alan Tudyk
    3. Emma Watson
    4. Robert De Niro
    5. Orlando Bloom
    6. Will Smith
    7. Gary Burghoff
    8. Jamie Farr
    9. Jennifer Aniston
    10. Johnny Galecki