Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Cassandra Monologue Free Funny Comedy Solo Stage Play Script by D. M. Larson for Female, Woman, Actor

free teen monologue from published play 
Art by Shiela Larson


by D. M. Larson

You must ask for permission before using this play in a performance or publication by contacting doug@freedrama.net (please include the title "Cassandra" in your request).

(Selection from the Hysterical History of the Trojan War by D. M. Larson of Freedrama.net)

This monologue is a selection from a published play in the book Great Plays for the Stage Vol. 1 isbn 978-1452871448 available from Amazon.com


Don't bring Helen inside, Paris. She will only bring doom on our city. Dooooom!  Doooooooooom!

(She sighs)

How come nobody ever listens to me?

(She hears someone laughing)

Apollo? Is that you? Get over here. I thought you gave me the power to see the future?  But nobody listens to me. And now I see the walls of Troy falling down. And no one will listen to me about that either.

(She pauses and listens.)

Fine print? What fine print?

(She pulls a scroll from her pocket)

I can't read this. It's a bunch of drawings. It's all Greek to me.

(She listens)

What? It says that?!  How could you do this to me? You gods think you're so smart. Well, I know what happens to you. And I'm not telling. See you, never, Apollo.


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  3. Sorry about my rough draft being submitted. (Take 2):

    Thank you Mr Larson for allowing some of your work to be freely accessible on the internet. I realize you fall under the "Starving Artist" curse as a writer but I hope you are prosperous in spite of the hype. Good work is such a gift. Good to know you are out there. I like to write and hope to act. Best wishes and please continue writing.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I always enjoy hearing that I have fans out there :) I love writing and I'm happy people enjoy my work. I always wanted to make a difference with my writing reach people with what I want to say. That was more important than trying to make money at it.