Sunday, October 4, 2015

1 minute monologues - A Thing for Nerds

(one minute version)
by D. M. Larson

I've always had a thing for nerds. All kinds ... Geeky, Weirdo, Freak, Techie, Trekkie or Dork... you name it... I want to catch them all.. Sorry for the Pokemon reference... I am a bit of a nerd myself. Girl nerds are rare but we do exist.

I hung out with nerd-lings as a kid. We played Dungeons and Dragons and I loved being dungeon master ...holding their fates in my hands. It doesn't matter how pretty you are, just the fact you're female and like something nerdy makes you very attractive to them. Other kinds of guys could care less about me... But to nerds... I was hot.



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This monologue is from the published play "My William Shatner Man Crush" 
(ISBN-13: 978-1505910155)

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