Thursday, December 17, 2015

"Mess Things Up" monologue for female from a published play - solo stage play script for woman

"Mess Things Up" is a monologue adapted from the published play "Flowers in the Desert" ISBN-13: 978-1494806217.  It is written for a teenage female actress and runs about 2-3 minutes.

by D. M. Larson

Why do I always do this? Why do I always Mess things up.


I get something good then I ruin it.

(Kicks something handy)

I always have to go and spoil things for people. I just try to have a little fun... but... I don't know when to stop. I keep playing... like a little kid who tells a funny joke over and over. They keep saying it 'cause it was funny once so it should be funny a bunch of times. Then when it's not funny any more, they don't know how to quit. They keep trying, hoping it will still be funny. They keep on joking until someone gets mad and... hurts you.


I'm always playing games. I can't stop.

(She has trouble speaking)

I... can't... stop.

(SAM gains control again)

I always hurt someone. My daddy left because of me.

(Sees reaction)

He did. I found a letter he wrote my mama. He said he didn't want to be tied down by a kid.


Mama said it was for the best.


But I ran Mama off too. She had better things to do than to sit around playing my games.

(Looks at house)

And I'm still playing my little games. I should have listened to you. You got a good head. You stopped playing games when you were two or three I bet. Adults always like you... Me? I get 'em to like to hate me. Get 'em so worked up they want nothing but to have me gone.

You gotta admit, I do it well.

(Sits. Trying to control her crying)

I'm sure you've got better things to do than listen to me.

(SAM looks away)

I wanna be alone okay? Please ... Go. Run far away... Like everyone else.


For  permission to use this monologue, please contact (include the title "Mess Things Up" in your request).

Art by Shiela Larson

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