Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Free monologues and scenes from environmental themed published play

"Why Don't They Care What Happens to the Earth?" is a serious play for kids about animals who are trying to survive after an Alaskan oil spill ruined their land.  Below are some monologues and scenes that you can use for acting workshops, auditions, performances and competitions.

You can purchase the play on Amazon.com (ISBN-13: 9781533224668) or read it for free on Freedrama.net http://freedrama.net/care.html 

"Mother Earth" monologue for female from pages 3-4 of the play

"My Homeland is Ruined" monologue from page 5 of the play  

"She Always Sings for Me" monologue from page 9 of the play

"Don't Sacrifice Yourself" duologue for 2 actors from page 42 of the play

"Part of the Great Spirit" monologue from page 47 of the play

"Brainwashed Freaks" adapted monologue from page 56 of the play http://freedramaplays.blogspot.com/2016/05/brainwashed-freaks-environmental-themed.html

FIND MORE FREE MONOLOGUES AT http://www.freedrama.net/small1.html

FIND MORE FREE DUOLOGUES AT http://www.freedrama.net/small2.html

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