Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Lesson 1 Write! Free Online Writing Classes for New Writers

Lesson 1 - WRITE!  Write, write and write some more. Write about anything. Write about everything. Keep a journal or notebook and write about your day.  You can simply make a list of things that happen. Try to do something different during your day as a way to get inspiration. Go to a new store or restaurant, read a new book, watch a new show or movie. Also watch or read the news and make notes about interesting stories you see. Keep a notebook and write down your thoughts during the day. Write as much as possible and don’t worry about it being good. Just do some writing and put some thoughts down on paper… as many as possible.

ASSIGNMENT 1A: Create a lot of notes this week to be ready for lesson 2.

ASSIGNMENT 1B: Post in the blog comments an introduction of yourself and why you’re interested in writing.


OPTIONAL BONUS: Respond to a post by another student and discuss writing. Keep the posts positive and supportive. Students who are negative toward other students will not receive a certificate or instructor feedback at the end of the class.

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Write! Free Online Writing Classes for New Writers

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