Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Lesson 3 Characters Free Online Writing Classes for New Writers

Lesson 3 - CHARACTERS - Look at your notes and pick one of the ideas you find the most interesting. Expand this good idea in three ways to make a story: characters, setting and plot.

First, come up with some characters. Who are some characters that can be in this story? Give them names and describe them. What are these characters like? Why are they in this story? What makes them important to the story? Come up with at least 2 characters.

ASSIGNMENT 3A: Write as much as possible about each of these characters. If you can draw, make a picture of them. Or find a famous actor you think could play this character. Or find a song that could be a theme song for this character. Really get to know your character inside and out. All the notes do not need to be in your finished story but you should know as much as possible about your characters before you write something. Save these notes for lesson 4.

ASSIGNMENT 3B: Post in the comments below - Who are some of your favorite characters in books and movies?  Why do you enjoy these characters? Why do you think these characters are better than most?

OPTIONAL BONUS: Respond to a post by another student and discuss writing. Keep the posts positive and supportive. Students who are negative toward other students will not receive a certificate or instructor feedback at the end of the class.


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Characters Free Online Writing Classes for New Writers

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