Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Commercial and Movie Audition Advice

QUESTION: Has anyone gone to an audition for a commercial or movie?! Need advice!!!? What did they make you do, did they give you a random scenario or did they give you a monologue to practice??? Did they ask you any questions? What kind of questions did they ask you? Do you have to pay for the audition?

ANSWER: They will give you a selection (side) from the script. Study the script while you wait. When you go in to audition, there will be just a few people and a video camcorder that they will record you with. Give them your acting resume and head shot. There will sometimes be a mark on the floor where you stand in front of the camera. Be ready immediately. Don't ask them to wait while you get in character. First you will introduce yourself on camera (slate) and tell a little about yourself. Make it short, interesting and memorable. They will have you read the line or lines and then have you try it a different way (sadder, happier, angry, etc.). You will only get a short time and one or two chances to do the line or lines well so make it count. They might ask about your schedule and when you are available to act so know your schedule (upcoming dates where you couldn't be working for them). You never have to pay for a real audition. If they have a fee, then it's not the real deal.

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