Saturday, April 20, 2013

How to sell my screenplay?

Question: How to sell my screenplay?

I was wondering how to come about on selling my screenplays!? I have at least seven of them & all they are doing is collecting dust. Few people have read my work and thought it was very good, but I don't know how to market or get my work out there. ANY suggestions/advice/thoughts/ would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

In addition- what are the changes of my screenplay becoming a movie? How much say do I get in the production? Food for thought..

Answer: You can enter screenplay contests. Do readings of the scripts with local actors and invite local producers and filmmakers. You can also contact small production companies, new filmmakers, college students, etc. Form a partnership with filmmakers looking for scripts and work with them to make your movie. You could also adapt some, taking good scenes and work with new filmmakers to make short films to take to film festivals to get attention for your full scripts.

Be careful showing the full script unless it is a great opportunity. Register the script with the WGA first too before showing it.

Your best chance is to try and make the movie yourself. Get experienced filmmakers to work with you. Take the finished movie to festivals and if does well, you'll get producers for the rest of your scripts.

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