Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New Original Comedy Skit for Two Male Actors (Underdog aka Fight Me)


GEORGE: Fight me.

TINY: I don't want to...

(GEORGE punches TINY)

TINY: Ow! What did you do that for?

GEORGE: Plenty more where that came from...

(GEORGE tries several more punches as TINY uses some folders and papers as a shield)

TINY: Cut it out!

GEORGE: Bet you're not so tough without your shield, Captain America.

(GEORGE slaps down folders, TINY yelps and GEORGE tries a few more punches)

TINY: Have you gone crazy?

GEORGE: Something like that.

TINY: I won't fight you.

GEORGE: Then I win.

TINY: Huh?

GEORGE: I win.

TINY: I guess so.

GEORGE: (yells) Tell me I win.

TINY: Fine, you win.

(GEORGE punches him)

GEORGE: Louder.

TINY: You win!

GEORGE: That's right. I am the alpha dog, baby!

(GEORGE does a chest pump against TINY who stumbles back)

TINY: What is with you, man?

(GEORGE grabs TINY in a headlock)

GEORGE: See her over there?

TINY: Yolanda?

GEORGE: That her name? Yeah the new one. Yolanda... so hot.

TINY: She's why you're acting like an idiot?

(GEORGE stops headlock)

GEORGE: Yup... I want to impress her.

(GEORGE lets TINY out of headlock)

TINY: Great... Glad I could help.

GEORGE: She saw the whole thing. They're laughing. They think I am awesome. Now for the kill.

(TINY flinches)

GEORGE: Not you... Her. Gonna seal the deal.

(GEORGE exits. TINY tries to fix himself up and gather papers. GEORGE returns and holds out a piece of paper)

TINY: What's this?

GEORGE: Her number. She wants me to give it to you.

(Says it snotty)

GEORGE (cont.): She thought you were cute.

(GEORGE walks off in defeat)

GEORGE (cont.): Everyone roots for underdog.

TINY looks at number happily and does a cute little wave.

Copyright (c) 2013

Before performing this script, you must first request permission at freedrama@gmail.com

The script may be printed and copied for free.

1. All programs, posters, etc. should have the author's name (D. M. Larson) and something that tells about the Freedrama.net website such as "Produced by special arrangement with www.freedrama.net". When you complete the production, it would be appreciated if you would mail or email a copy of the program (and poster if available) to D. M. Larson, 6301 Summer Ray Rd. NW, Albuquerque, NM 87120 or doug@freedrama.com.

2. All videos of the plays must be approved in advance of the performance. The videos must have Freedrama.net in the credits and also a link to freedrama.net in the description if the video is placed online.

NOTE: Changes may be made to the script and translations of the play are allowed as long as the new version is not republished in any form beyond your performance. The play may not be reproduced, redistributed or republished in any form without written permission from the author.

Thank you for selecting my script. Have fun and enjoy the play.


D. M. Larson

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