Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Popular Art and Writing That Surprise You

My wife is an artist (most the art on my freedrama website is from her). We both have an interesting experience that people like things that aren't personal favorites.

Nobody Famous is a script that has been popular and always surprises me because I didn't think it was one of my better ones.

4 w 2 m or 5 w 1 m version http://www.freedrama.net/famous.html

All female version 2 - 6 women http://www.freedrama.net/nobody.html

Nobody Famous is one of those scripts I wrote pretty quickly and just played around with. Sometimes I guess it is good to write and over-think it. Just write and play around.

My wife has the same experience with some of her art. She was just playing with this picture as a joke for a contest about the Year of the Rabbit. She did Jessica Rabbit to be funny. Here is one of her pictures that is really popular that she is surprised people like so much:

Picture from http://kachumi.deviantart.com/

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