Saturday, March 8, 2014

Monologues under 1 minute (30 seconds, 45 seconds) for male or female actor (free for audition, workshop, competition and classroom)

Here are short monologues under 1 minute that are free for use in an audition, workshop, competition or classroom.
"End the Hurting" - Short Dramatic Monologue (about bullying and abuse)-Male or Female (30 seconds)

"Dreaming of Dragons" - Monologue for Kids - Male or Female (45 seconds to 1 minute)

"My Mask" Monologue from a published play - Female (30 seconds)

"First Words" Monologue from a play - Female (45 seconds to 1 minute)

"Stairway to Heaven" - Monologue from Published Script- Female (45 seconds to 1 minute)

"Bungled and Botched" - Monologue from Published Script- Male (30-45 seconds)

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