Saturday, March 15, 2014

New Free Monologues for Males and Females, Teens and Adults, Dramatic and Comedy

Here are some new monologues by D. M. Larson. Please email before using (include the title in your request).

"Cowboy Salvation" - Longer Monologue for Male

"Foot Rubs" - Monologue - Male

"Funny Little Fussy Face" - Monologue - Female

"The Girl Who Broke His Fingers" - Monologue - Female

"I Need Detention" Monologue - Male

"Much Madness" Dramatic Monologue - Female

"Run Far From Here" - Dramatic Monologue - Female

"Wishing" - Monologue- Female

Special bonus for the readers of this blog! Record yourself reading one of the monologues above and email the file to and win a prize!

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