Saturday, March 1, 2014

Writing a play for you (need a script?) Freedrama author D. M. Larson can write one for your production.

I recently had two different people contact me about creating original scripts for them. I actually enjoy doing this and have fun writing something creative for others. It is a good challenge to create something that fits the production needs of someone.

One is a monologue about a cowboy lost in the desert that will be turned in to a short film. The other is a play for a dance studio that will tie all their dance routines together. I will be sure to share these on the website and/or here in the blog once they are cleared for public release (when their productions are complete).

Would you like an original script? Right now, the price is reasonable, especially if you'll allow the script to be published on when it is complete. For $10 a page (about 1 minute of stage or screen time), I would be happy to create a script for you. This price is if you allow the script to be published on the website when it is complete.

(If you would like exclusive rights to the script, then the price would be $50 a page)

Interested in having something written for you? Feel free to contact me at

Or find tons of free play scripts already written at

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