Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Top 10 Best Actors from #1

Best Actor #1: Dustin Hoffman

I have been enjoying Dustin Hoffman for many years and he continues to impress me every time I see one of his movies. "Tootsie" was probably the first time I saw him and I was blown away. It's always tricky when someone crosses gender lines but Dustin Hoffman pulls it off incredibly to create a believable female version of himself. He is not an actor you'd expect to be able to look different enough to appear female but he manages to pull it off. I saw him in "Death of a Salesman" where he successfully pulls off the iconic theatre role of Willy Loman, a much older character. And he continued to blow me away with his autistic character in "Rainman." Then just when I thought he was done doing new and interesting roles, he played Captain Hook (in "Hook"). He was the last actor I expected to play this cartoony character but managed to pull it off and even perform better in this silly movie than Robin Williams and Julia Roberts (two fellow Academy Award winners). Recently I saw one of his older movies, Krammer vs. Krammer, and was blown away once again. He has so many great performances and is worthy of being number one on my list of best actors.

What do you think of my top 10? Feel free to comment below and give me your opinions on the list.

And stay tuned for a new Top 10 list... The Top 10 Most Entertaining Actors.

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  1. #1 Roy Rogers
    #2 Tom Hanks
    #3 James cagney
    #4 Fess Parker
    #5 Edward G Robinson
    #6 Donn Knotts
    #7 Jimmie Stewart
    #8 Orson Wells
    #9 Robin Williams
    #10 Andy Griffith

    This is my list of top ten actors I chose each one of these actors because I simply can't get enough of them , Roy Rogers is so smooth and natural and Tom Hanks is extremely versital and Andy griffith is simply amazing and Donn Knotts is so energetic that you just can't make yourself stop watching , and the rest on the list i think are great aswell but these are extra special to me and that is why i chose these great actors for my top ten list .

  2. 1) Bette Davis
    2) Joan Crawford
    3) Burt Lancaster
    4) Robert Mitchum
    5) Al Pacino
    6) Ralph Fiennes
    7) Mads Mikkelsen
    8) Marcello Mastroianni
    9) Giancarlo Giannini
    10) Leonardo Di Caprio

    I watch a lot of foreign and older films

    1. When I made my list, I actually didn't list a few actors who were foreign for some reason, I guess my list was "favorite 10 actors in US movies"
      Anyway Ralph Fiennes is exceptional and although I didn't have any of the people in your list besides him, all the rest of the actors are quite good.

      I imagine you bring something special to the table because of your expanded taste (or maybe simply different), you have a perspective that not many other actors likely have.

  3. Your list is awesome. You listed several of my favs as well. They are all very believable.

  4. 1) Leonardo Di Caprio
    2) Al Pacino
    3) Hugh Jackman
    4) Denzel Washington
    5) Christian Bale
    6) Brad Pitt
    7) Matt Damon
    8) Morgan Freeman
    9) Mark Wahlberg
    10) Jake Gyllenhaal

    1. I agree with several people on this list, in fact you reminded me of some I wish I could've added.

  5. I liked your list Tom Hanks and Robin Williams are two of my favorites and I can watch their movies all day.

  6. My top ten would be:
    1 Tom Hanks
    2. Denzel Washington
    3 Robert Dineiro
    4 James Dean
    5 Robin Williams
    6 Kevin Kline
    7 Russell Crowe
    8 Charlie Chaplain
    9 Will Smith
    10. Kirk Douglas

    1. Hi Donald,

      Your list looks reasonable. Nice work!

    2. I want to rewrite my list after reading yours, nice selection.

  7. I like your choice Dustin Hoffman. He is a great character actor. His early movie The Graduate was an awesome portrayal of a college student of that time. And it was one of his first movies. He is definitely talented.

  8. Top Ten it is a matter of taste and it is hard to choose ten from so many ”close to perfection” actors out there. Dustin Hoffman being one of them.
    My Top Ten it is as folows:

    1. Leonardi DiCaprio
    2. Robert De Niro
    3. Brad Pitt
    4. Kate Winslet
    5. Eric Bana
    6. Russel Crowe
    7. Christian Bale
    8. Robert Downey Jr
    9. Matt Damon
    10. Kate Blanchet

    But must note Denzel Washington, Al Pacino, Tom Hanks, Dustin Hoffman, Tom Cruise... and the list could go on and on.

  9. Even though it was really hard to pick only 10 actors from many astonishing actors, Below you can find my top 10 actors. I chose these 10 actors/ actress based on their quality work through course of time and their ability to work in different genres.

    1. Robert De Niro
    2. Sean Penn
    3. Denzel Washington
    4. Tom Hanks
    5. Leonardo DiCaprio
    6. Christoph Waltz
    7. Ben Foster
    8. Will Smith
    9. Nicolas Cage
    10. Hali Berry

  10. I liked your top ten but these guys are a little closer to my heart

    Mark Whalberg
    Bruce Willis
    Christian Bale
    Matt Damon
    Jim Carrey
    Jim Caviezel
    Charlize Theron
    Billy West
    Tom Hanks
    Gary Oldman

  11. 1. Jack Gyllengaal
    2. Meryl Streep
    3. Christopher Walken
    4. Angelina Jolie
    5. Denzel Washington
    6. Morgan Freeman
    7. Scarlet Johannsen
    8. Julia Roberts
    9. Kevin Spacey
    10. Johnny Depp

    The names are placed in random numbers, there is not one i like more or less then another (besides number 1) :p these actors i chose cause if one of them are in a movie, i know its gonna be a good one, one i will most likely like :) they all give amazing preformances every time i watch them. And some of them are in movies i could watch repeatedly.

    1. My list is random too,not as a ranking order.
      Great list of yours!

  12. I'm enjoying All the suggestion's for Top ten Actor's.
    My Top Ten list is

    1 Robert DiNiro
    2 Marlyn Brando
    3 Jack Nicholson
    4 Samuel L Jackson
    5 Sharon Stone
    6 Judy Dench
    7 Angelina Jolie
    8 Brad Pitt
    9 Jim Carrey
    10 Robin Williams

    It is Hard to name them all,because of the Diversity in the different roles.

  13. I don't particularly agree with this list that was used, I however feel like the actors are of quality. Things get complicated when dealing with subjective subject matters like "who's the best", even more so considering the question regarded "who's your favorite", so my list diverges heavily from the original list and I'm okay with that.

    10) Edward Norton: I don't agree with some of the stuff he's done in the past but he's a very talented actor who deserves some respect.
    9) David Tennant: While I enjoyed him as Doctor Who, it wasn't until I started watching him in other roles that he became a favorite of mine. He is a very physical and fast speaking actor who is entertaining to watch. He impressed me in Gracepoint and Casanova, among a few other roles, I generally watch certain things if I am aware he's in it.
    8) Sean Bean: A guilty pleasure, honestly he's a talented actor but the joke that he dies in all of his movies (that is almost always true) is hilarious. He does do some good death scenes though, I don't know if he's just good at them or if he's just gotten a lot of experience.
    7) Gary Oldman
    6) Christian Bale: When he's not playing more flat characters, he's a jjoy, he was very entertaining in America Psycho. I'm not the biggest fan of his Batman role though.
    5) Michael Caine: I learned a lot from things I've found from him that helped me evolve as an actor, along with stuff I need to work a lot on, in general I'm rather indebted to the teachings I've found of his.
    4) Bill Murray: I'll always have a fond opinion of Bill Murray no matter what happens really. His past roles in movies like Caddyshack and Scrooged have been quite entertaining.
    3) Johnny Depp: While many down on the recent movies that he has been and find that he's degraded a lot, these negatives are typically with the movies themselves. Johnny Depp has time and time again shown that he can do a diversity of different characters at a high level. Beyond this though, he plays such interesting characters (or maybe he makes them interesting) where it almost seems worthwhile just to watch his movies just to see him in them.
    2) Michael Fassbender
    1) Ralph Fiennes: I've never found myself bored with any of his performances, he adds such character to his roles that both allows for enjoyment in watching him but also gives his character their own identity. you can't help but like even his most horrific characters he plays. It doesn't hurt that he was in one of my favorite recent movies. (The Grand Budapest Hotel)

  14. I somewhat agree with your list, you have actors who have done amazing perfomences on there and are really brilliant and I always have a feel good attitude about them whenever I watch them, great choices!

    Here is my top ten list:

    1# David Jason
    I love David Jason as an actor, I always love actors who I am most comfortable with and have fun watching, David Jason always leaves me feeling positive no matter what character he plays and he always immerses me in the character's he potrays, weather it's the dodgy salesman Derek Trotter or police detective Jack Frost, he always leaves me feeling good, he brings a certain something to the characters he potrays and whatever character he potrays, I immideatly fall in love with, he's just a feel good guy that I could watch over and over.

    2# Rowan Atkinson

    Another comedy actor who I enjoy watching, he can play various characters and make you fall in love with them completley, he always makes me laugh and smile, his perfomences on televison or even some of his stage work brings me such joy, another one I could watch over and over.

    3# David Tennant
    David Tennant was an actor I grew up with watching Doctor Who when I was a kid, he fully embraced the role and made it his own, his Doctor was something truly special, I also saw him in Recovery which made me feel for his character, he played someone who suffered brain damage and was trying to recover and he played it so well. Brilliant Actor, allons-y!

    4# Chris Pratt
    I have only heard of this actor recently, however, I have fallen in love with his perfomances, he always brings a good feel and humour to whatever character he plays, he's a likeable actor and a likeable guy.

    5# Robin Williams

    Robin Williams was an actor who touched my soul with emotions, he knew how to make us laugh or make us cry, he was a very inspirational actor and human being and I have massive respect for him, his movies were sensational and I could watch them until the end of time, he's an amazing actor and person.

    6# Tim Allen

    Tim Allen is a childhood favourite of mine, he potrayed Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story 1,2 and 3 and the character of Scott Calvin in the Santa Clause series of films, he brought joy to my childhood and great humour, seeing him peform on screen always brought a smile to my face.

    7# Tobey Maguire

    Tobey Maguire is an actor I have only really seen in three movies, the Spider-Man trilogy, however, his peformances in those films is what made me love his acting, he truly makes you feel for Peter Parker and what he goes through throughout the movies, he captures the role brilliantly and always will be my favourite Spider-Man.

    8# Robert Downey JR.

    Well...what can I say? He IS Iron Man, he has truly captivated the role of Tony Stark, his perfomances in the marvel films are excellent and he fully embraced the role right from when I first saw him on screen as Tony Stark, he dosen't just play Tony Stark...he IS Tony Stark.

    9# Liam Neeson

    Liam Neeson is a brilliant actor, loved his performance in Schindler's List, it was a captivating performance, he was also brilliant in Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace, even though the film itself wasn't too great, you can defeintly tell he peformed brilliantly and was one of the redeeming qualities about the film.

    10# Peter Cullen.

    Peter Cullen is a voice actor who potrays Optimus Prime in the Transformers TV show and films, he always puts the best peformance into his voice and gives a giant robot an amazing personality and I love that he capable of doing that.

    and that was my top ten actors list, I hope you all like it.

    1. *he has truly CAPTURED the role of Tony Stark, got the words mixed up.

  15. Your list is on point but, I do want to make a few tweeks.

    10.Chris Evans He does quite a few superhero's but, all with different personalities.

    9.Nicolas Cage, that man has power behind his voice and uses it best when playing a angry scene!

    8. Jessica Lange can go ftomorrow sass to class with ease.

    7.Robert DE Niro, I seen him in the intern and lots of other movies and every one makes me see him as a completely different person.

    6. Morgan Freeman, Come on do I need to say more? The guy puts the A in act.

    5.Jonny Depp, has many characters that I truly thought were real when I was younger.

    4. Mike Myers, in lots of comedies but, him and those different accents and expressions!

    3.Robbin Williams/ Tyler perr, who ever can pull off a woman to that extent is legendary to me!

    2. Idris Elba, how the hell did I not know he was British?!? Well because he's a wonderful actor. Actually almost brought me to tears in daddy's girl.

    1.Denzel Washington! We all knew he was going to be the top of lots of people's list. This man usually always played a good character but, give him an antagonists roll and he will not disappoint!
    (P.S I should've put more women I know but, couldn't really think of them at this moment.)

  16. 10. Tom Hanks
    09. Robin Williams
    08. Roy Rogers
    07. James Cagney
    06. Fess Parker
    05. Edward Robinson
    04. Jimmie Stewart
    03. Orson Wells
    02. Andy Griffith
    01. Donn Knotts

  17. 10.Johnny DEPP
    9.Orlando Bloom
    8.Will Smith
    7.Jennifer Lawrence
    6.Anastasia Gafurova
    5.Gary Oldman
    4.Emma Watson
    3.Jake Abel
    2.Logan Lerman
    1.Jimmie Stewart
    I just love all of the!!!

  18. My top ten list:
    1 Morgan Freedman
    2 Rachel McAdams
    3 Jennifer Aniston
    4 Jim Carrey
    5 Adam Sandler
    6 Ryan Gosling
    7 Mandy Moore
    8 Miley Cyrus
    9 Will Smith
    10 Johnny Depp

    I named these particular actors because every movie I watch that they are in, the story draws me in, I truly belive they are who they are playing, its like they became one with the character.

    1. Hi Judith, I also agree with your top 10 list. I am a big fan of Rachel McAdams, she played an amazing role in the Notebook and brought me to tears. Jennifer Aniston, is an actress I also listed. I love her in almost every movie she plays in. Jim Carrey is also a great actor and comedian as well as Adam Sandler. Which one of those ten inspire you the most?

    2. Hi Judith, I also agree with your top 10 list. I am a big fan of Rachel McAdams, she played an amazing role in the Notebook and brought me to tears. Jennifer Aniston, is an actress I also listed. I love her in almost every movie she plays in. Jim Carrey is also a great actor and comedian as well as Adam Sandler. Which one of those ten inspire you the most?

  19. Hello Professor, I have to say I like a vast majority of actors that you have listed, they're are a few movies and actors that I havent watched as much as others but here are the ones we both enjoy; Tom Hanks ( I feel in Forrest Gump he did an amazing job, any actor that can take on a completely different personality and make you laugh, cry, and hope that character makes it, is a great actor in my opnion). Denzel Washington is another actor that can take on many different roles, The Boof Of Eli and Snakes On A Plane are perfect examples. Robin Williams has the heart of many people of the world. I grew up watching Miss.Doughtfire and his comedy skits. He has a great heart and a lot of his roles revolve around family and making everyone laugh.
    As far as my top 10 list of actors go;
    1) Angelina Joline- I love all of Angelina's movies that I have seen so far. Salt, being one of my personal favorites. She is perfect playing her action packed roles and creating drama and suspense.
    2) Christina Aguilera- Although she's mostly known for singing, she played a great role in the movie Burlesque. I was able to empathize with her strong and determined character who just wanted to turn her dreams into reality, no matter the cost.
    3) Bradley Cooper- I first liked this actor in the movie A-Team, afterwards I ended up looking into all the movies he played in and really came to enjoy them. He has a great face and personality for tv and loves to play in comedy roles as well.
    4) Lindsey Morgan- I use to watch her roles in General Hospital then fell in love with her character in the 100. She plays both roles so well as she is always a strong female with a very sweet heart.
    5) Johnny Depp- A very action packed actor who loves to transform into any role he sets his mind too. He is very fun to watch and I never know what to expect.
    6) Bruce Willis- I first discovered him in the movie, The Sixth Sense, He played a great character that created suspense and also drew emotions from the movie.
    7) Ashlee Tisdale- I grew up watching her on the disney channel and loved her fun, silly personality.
    8) Robin Williams- As I said before I love his comedy shows and wish they're were more actors like him.
    9) Marilyn Monroe- I have always admired this woman as an actress and a person. She caught the worlds attention in more ways than one. She was so strong willed and determined to make it big no matter the price.
    10) Jennifer Aniston- She is a very beautiful and inspirational actress. She takes on many roles and personalities from comedy to drama. She is a very big inspiration!

  20. 1.Leonardo Dicaprio-i think a great actor is who keeps leonardo Dicaprio
    2.johnny deep-wide range of characters
    3.Denzel Washington-no need say i am his fan after watching flight..
    4.jack nicholson
    5.bennedict cummberbatch
    6.robin william
    7.jim carry
    8.tom hanks
    9.kevin spacey
    10.edward norton