Saturday, September 6, 2014

Best free play scripts for the stage from Freedrama (most popular picks in August 2014)

Here are some excellent free play scripts for the stage that are really popular right now on

The number one play in August was Superhero Support Group.  This is a play with broad appeal from teens to adults.  Check it out at:

free play script comedy

Number 2 in August was Peggy The Pint Sized Pirate.  This has always been a popular choice and has several different versions to pick from.

free kid child play stage script

The Hysterical History of the Trojan War was the third most popular play in August.  This is another play that appeals to a wide range of actors and audiences, from kids to teens to adults.  It is a fun, interactive play that gets the audience involved.

free play for kids adults teens stage script fun comedy

Tied for #4 and #5 are Holka Polka and Beauty IS a Beast.  These are longer children's plays and have been very popular with children and schools around the world.

popular child kid play script for stage

free play script from land of oz mystery kids children fun comedy fairy tales

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