Monday, September 15, 2014

Elementary school age lesson plans using Improv Theatre Games on the topic of the library

Here are some fun lesson ideas for teaching about the school library and books from a teacher (thanks Irma!):

Grade 1 (2 classes)
Attitude Scene—I had students act out different scenarios in school. For each scenario, I had two students acting it out, each one acting with a different emotion. Scenes included playing on the outside playground toys—one acted it out happy, one acted it out as clumsy; taking a quiz-one sad, one mad;

Grade 1/2 Combo & 2nd grade (3 classes)
When the Librarian is Away—Students are given a card with a picture of an item on it—either a musical instrument, transportation, or animal. Then they line up on “bookshelves” by one of the three categories. (Students form 3 lines—one for each, pretending each line is a bookshelf) While the librarian is present, the “books” stand on their shelves. When the librarian leaves, the “books” magically come to life, interacting and making the noise of whatever “book” they are—animal sounds, musical instruments, or transportation. When the librarian returns in the “morning”, she discovers that the books are no longer on the right shelves and must take the time to put them back on the proper shelves. The students took turns being the librarian. This is a lesson on how the library is organized.

Grade 3 (2 classes)
Scenes from a Hat: Students acted out different library scenarios—one student would act out the scene doing it correctly and another student would act it out incorrectly. The rest of the class would guess what was being acted out. I was pleasantly surprised that the class was able to guess correctly each time.

Grade 4 (3 classes)

The Story—Students were given index cards with famous people, places or things written on it. They told a Round Robin continuous story, using their index cards to tell the story. The three classes are on three separate days. I know this was successful because when I had the third class came into the library asking if they were going to get to do the “card game” because the other two classes had told them about it and they were looking forward to their turn! We had Johnny Depp putting his lunch tray in the library return basket and Mandy Moore reading her books on Mars.  

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