Tuesday, September 30, 2014

"The Big Bad Wolf" monologue for male or female from published play Holka Polka (adult, child or teen actor)

"The Big Bad Wolf" is a monologue 
from the published play 
"Holka Polka" by D. M. Larson
ISBN-13: 978-1502445490


I know exactly what you mean. People misconwhattionize me all the time. 

Man, you accidentally knock down some pig's house with a sneeze and they start telling stories about you. And now there's this little girl and her red hood. Who knows what they'll say about this one.

I have self-a-team issues too.

Everyone is always going around saying "what a big nose you have" and "what big teeth you have." It hurts.

I just want to go away some place where I won't bother anyone.

They're always promising happy endings but where's my happy ending? All that happily ever after seems to be reserved for princesses and cute little animals. Especially bunnies. Why are rabbits always getting happy endings?

They're rodents, I tell you. Rodents!



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"The Big Bad Wolf" monologue for male or female from published play Holka Polka (adult, child or teen actor)

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