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Online mini acting classes - Advice on performing 1 minute monologue "Beauty and Perfection" for teen female actress from published play

Here is some advice on how to perform the monologue "Beauty and Perfection" by D. M. Larson from the published play "Flowers in the Desert."


**(In this first part of the monologue, Shelly can be brushing her hair, acting like she is looking in a mirror which is downstage toward the audience. She is very full of herself in this first part, acting like a movie star, being vain and conceited)
Beauty and perfection. That's what you are Miss Shelly. Bet those boys back home would be doing a quite a bit of howling if they saw you now. Look at all the wonderful things time has done to you.
**(She looks at herself pleased and does a Hollywood pose)
And when I get to Hollywood and become a star, they'll wonder where this goddess came from.
**(She changes her tones and a little sadness comes through)
But my past will be a mystery, because life before this moment ain't worth telling about.
**(She tries to fight the sadness and hide it)
After those early years things have only gotten better.
**(The sadness comes through now and becomes a bit angry)
Actually I'll bet being born was one of the biggest let-downs of all.
**(Anger replaces the sadness... frustration shows)
I spent all that time wrapped up in that little space in my mama, and for what? I pop out and look around, screaming, wondering if this was such a good idea.
**(She calms down and falls back into sadness)
Wondering why someone didn't tell me sooner what it was gonna be like those first few years, 'cause if someone had told me, I don't think I woulda come out.


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  1. I'm auditioning for an academy for high school and we're supposed to perform a monologue. Would this be a good one to use? If not do you know of any good ones I can look into? They claim to be looking for different emotions.

    1. This is a good monologue to show emotions... another good one is Breaking Heart

  2. May I use this please for an audition for a play in highschool?

    1. You have permission Priscilla. In return for using the script royalty free, we ask you to complete 2 things in return:

  3. May i use this monologue for a school assignment? The school assignment requires that I video myself an upload to you-tube. The teacher also request a copy hard copy of the monologue. Do you have hard copy of this monologue available? Thank you April Harris

  4. may i use this for an audition for a peforming art school I'm attending this fall?

  5. I love this play and I want to know if its allowed to make an audio and how for lesson 6 in the online classes


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