Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tips for Memorizing (helping actors remember monologues and stage play scripts for acting)

One of the biggest challenges for actors is remembering lines, especially for monologues.  Here are some great tips for actors:

1. Find a monologue that fits you (your age and personality). It helps if you understand and relate to the character. 

2. Try to remember the story first before you memorize it word for word.

3. Record yourself reading the script with the emotion you want. Listen to this over and over and say it as you hear it.

4. Break it down. Memorize one part at a time.

4. Put away the script and record yourself with a computer or phone. Then playback. Check the script each time you play it back to see how close you are, mark trouble spots and try again.

5. Get someone to prompt you when you get stuck.  Have them cue you (feed you a word) when you get stuck but don't let them interrupt you.

6. Don't Panic. Find ways to be calm and have fun with what you're doing. Remember: Acting is fun! 

Thank you to these awesome websites and blogs that provided these tips:





Tips for Memorizing for Actors help remembering monologues and scripts for acting

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