Saturday, January 24, 2015

Empty Buckets - free monologue for kid, child - angry, sarcastic - solo stage play script

This monologue is a memory from my childhood.

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“Empty Buckets” by D. M. Larson


But why do I have to buy the buckets from you. Can't you just give them to me?

But you got them for free. Who'd want to buy these? No one needs a bunch of old used cans!

No I'm not upset! 

(clearly is)

Fine. Here's my $20. The 20 I worked half the summer to get picking strawberries. Sorry I quit okay? It was killing my back. That's the toughest $20 of my life.

So I get 40 buckets... and I sell them for a dollar.  I'll double my money.  But what if I can't sell them?  


Yeah, yeah.  I know.  No negative talk. I gotta visualize success.

(sees buckets)

Wait. You sold me dirty buckets?  But you got them for free... AND you want me to clean them?  What's in here?  Tar?!

How do I scrub tar out of these? A wire brush. Oh this will be fun.  I should have just sold lemonade.  Can I?  And lose my investment? You mean you won't give me my money back?  But...I'm your son.  

You want me to learn a lesson?  What lesson?  That my dad is a crook?

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Empty Buckets - free monologue for kid, child - angry, sarcastic - solo stage play script

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