Tuesday, January 13, 2015

My Whipping Boy monologue for female girl kid teen child solo stage play script

This is a monologue from the play called "The Princess and the Pirate" - a Prince and the Pauper kind of story.  The character speaking this monologue is Princess Fuchsia who has her own whipping boy whom they discipline when she is bad.

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"My Whipping Boy" by D. M. Larson


Every princess needs a whipping boy. He was a present for my 3rd birthday I think.  My twos were pretty terrible and they needed some way to punish me... Or maybe to take out their frustrations... They picked a nice servant boy I liked... We used to play together... They thought if I saw him getting whipped for something I did I would feel bad. They were right. I felt terrible. It's horrible watching someone you like getting hurt for something you did wrong. 

I always tried to make it up to him if he got whipped in my place. I never liked to see him hurt so I tried to be good... most of the time. When I messed up and he got punished, then I'd try to do nice things for him, like save him some of my favorite foods or give him a little present. He ended up looking forward to me getting in trouble because I was so nice after. He's even tricked me in to being naughty so he'd get punished and then rewarded. I wasn't quite as nice that time. I don't like being tricked.



monologue for female girl kid teen child solo stage play script

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