Monday, January 12, 2015

Trying to find the right title as a writer and how William Shatner helped - author, actor, acting

As a writer, sometimes I struggle to find the right title for something I have written.  My latest script was one of my tougher challenges.  I sometimes find a good line from the script. This time I settled on a couple of the monologue titles.  I almost used "A Thing for Nerds" but I wasn't quite sure it fit the overall script since the play isn't about Jenny (the character who says the Thing for Nerds monologue).

Suddenly something awesome happened that settled it for me - my wife got me tickets to meet William Shatner at Albuquerque's Comin Con.  That clinched it.  I was definitely going to name the play "My William Shatner Man Crush" which was the title of another monologue in the script. My amazingly talented wife immediately whipped out a picture for the cover (based on me).  

And what is even wilder about all this is that the play has a scene where one of the characters meets William Shatner.  This was something fictional for me until now.  Somehow life imitated art and what I created became reality.  

William Shatner and D. M. Larson at Albuquerque Comic Con

I have been a fan of Shatner since I was a little kid.  And this was quite an honor to meet him.  I was nervous because I have met a few other celebrities and they've been disappoint due to various personality disorders, but Shatner was quite nice. He signed the cover of my book "My William Shatner Man Crush" and thought it was a fun idea and one of the more unique things he has ever signed.
Shatner laughing at my book

Thanks again to my wife for this awesome experience!


You can read the entire play at

Or check out the monologue that inspired the title at:

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