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Advice on monologue "A Thing for Nerds" solo comedy script for female - free online mini acting classes

Here are some tips for performing this popular comedy monologue for a woman:

Step 1: Read the whole play this monologue comes from: "My William Shatner Man Crush" and get to know the character of Jenny:


"A THING FOR NERDS" by D. M. Larson

(Jenny starts out with a smile, thinking happy thoughts about a guy she likes)

I've always had a thing for nerds.

(She gets excited during this next part)

All kinds ... Geeky, Weirdo, Freak, Techie, Trekkie or Dork... you name it... I want to catch them all..

(She does a nerdy laugh but now she is embarrassed)

Sorry for the Pokemon reference... I am a bit of a nerd myself. Girl nerds are rare but we do exist.

(Thinks about happy memories and gets dramatic with the next part)

I hung out with nerd-lings as a kid. We played Dungeons and Dragons and I loved being dungeon master ...holding their fates in my hands.

(She plays up "holding their fates in my hands" and then does another nerdy laugh. She reflects more calmly now.)

It doesn't matter how pretty you are, just the fact you're female and like something nerdy makes you very attractive to them. Other kinds of guys could care less about me...

(She gets a big smile on her face and acts sexy)

But to nerds... I was hot.

(Pauses and then reflects on her past)

The more I hung out with boy nerds, the more I realized the power girls have over them... There's nothing they want more than First Contact with the female of their species.

(She says this dramatically and then ends with a flirty wink on "much")

But with great power comes great responsibility and I tried not to take advantage... Much.

(Says this next part with a tiny bit of anger and hurt from bad experiences in the past)

And the best thing about nerds is that they give you their full attention. Pretty boys are too worried about their looks and compete for fairest of them all... With pretty boys there is always a fight for the mirror. With tough guys and jocks... They always want praise or worship. It's all about them and they turn romance in to a competition ...

(Does a dumb guy, body builder impression) 

"Who is the lucky girl who gets me today?"

(Says this with love)

Nerds are the kindest kind of guy. They have the best hearts...

(Then she gets silly - it's hard for her to serious or romantic))

If you get past the over drawn comic book heroines and the overly aggressive Sci Fi babes...

(Gets loving again)

They really care about you and who you are.

You get a nerdy guy's full attention. The rest of the world slips away and you're his entire universe, because no Death Star, Tardis or warp drive is more exciting than a girl who gives him the time of day. That's why I like these guys... I feel special... important...

(Says this a little bit of sadness because she has been alone but also with hope for the future because she is in love with someone)

....and not alone anymore.


If you are performing this monologue in a competition, it is good to have a copy of the book to shw it is from a published play:

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If you would like to use this monologue, contact with the title "A Thing for Nerds" in your request.

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  1. What act and scene is this monologue from? Can't find it anywhere!

    1. It's from a play called "My William Shatner Man Crush" - it is available for purchase on or if you are unable to purchase it, please contact me at and I'll help you out

  2. I want to perform it for my auditions can I use this script?


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