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Advice on performing monologue "Never Touch" along with video samples - free online mini acting class

A monologue for male actor from the play "Big Nose" which is a modern Cyrano play.  Below are some video samples of some short films that I thought were done really well by Matt Senior and some tips on performing this solo stage play script for one actor.

You must ask for permission before using this play in a performance or publication by contacting doug@freedrama.net (please include the title "Never Touch" in your request).


by D. M. Larson


(Shows anger)

Save your breath. I don't need anyone's sympathy. I'm used to disappointment.

(Emotion now turns to sadness)

I experience it every morning when I look in the mirror.

(Tries to laugh it off and make a joke)

Some people have bad hair days. I have bad nose days.

(Decides to share what is bothering him)

You want to know what's wrong?

(Shows some hurt and love at mentioning Roxy)

Roxy and I were here half the night talking.


And that's we did was talk. And that's all we can ever do, is talk.

(Matter of fact, not surprised)

What else would a woman want with me?

(a moment of happiness thinking of Roxy)

She's beautiful and smart...

(Grow sad because he knows he can't have her)

And way out of my league.

(Tries to joke and laugh about it)

What is my league, anyway? Bearded ladies? The mail order kind?

(Grows sad again)

Don't even kid yourself. Someone like her is looking for someone a lot better looking than me.

(Sadly laughs. He is on the edge of laughing and crying both)

Who'd want me anyway? Who'd want to wake up every morning and see a glorious nose.
My nose is huge, enormous, vast! Hey, here's an accessory I should be proud to wear. I have been told a large nose is the sign of a large heart. It is a symbol of courage and courtesy. It makes me twice a man! It should. I have twice the nose.

(His joking and attempt at being funny fades to total sadness)

But what makes me great, unique and wonderful... makes me most undesirable.

(Looks off sadly)

All you see is my nose. That's all anyone sees.

(He becomes reflective and tries to look at it philosophically)

Roxy could never love me. You've helped me to see that now.

(He grows poetic and is lost in a dream)

I was a dreamer. Living in my mind. Flying to the moon and back. Riding on a moon beam. Skipping on clouds. I am a poet. A romantic. I shall always smell the rose but never touch it.


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