Saturday, August 29, 2015

Best Short Plays - free popular stage play scripts

Here are the most popular short play scripts from the Freedrama Blog:

SHORT PLAYS by D. M. Larson

Pain Scale - Comedy for 2 Actors (any gender):

Hipster Hobos - Comedy:

Weird - Comedy for 2 Females:

Worrying About the Future - Comedy for 2 Actors (any gender):

Much My Macho Taco - Comedy for 2 Actors (1 male 1 female):

Such a Good Listener - Romantic Comedy for 2 Actors (1 male 1 female for senior 55+ actors):

Stealing Moments - Romantic Comedy for 2 Actors (1 male 1 female):

Find Yourself a Nice Girl - 2 Actors (1 male 1 female):

Fight the Machine - Romantic Comedy (1 male 1 female):

Deadly Fighting Princess - Comedy:

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