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Free Easy Lesson Ideas for Teachers - drama, history, reading and more - #education #k12

Fake History

Make your own history!

  • Hook (Anticipatory Set): Have students play Rock, Scissors, Paper. Ask them where they think the game came from.
  • Direct Instruction: Read play "Rock, Sword, Firecracker!" a short comedy about the legend behind the game of Rock, Scissors, Paper.
  • Guided Practice: In groups, create ideas for a short play where you make up the history behind something ordinary such as Knock, Knock Jokes.
  • Closure: Have students tell about their short play ideas.
  • Independent Practice: Students will pick their favorite fake history contest and write a script.
  • Follow-up: Groups of students can practice and perform a student written script for the class.

    Reading can come alive when you read with a group.
  • Hook (Anticipatory Set): As a class, discuss the following questions: What are some of the students' favorite movies? Are they dramas or comedies?
  • Part 1: Divide the classroom up in to small groups. Have the student groups discuss if they like a serious story (drama) or a funny one (comedy). As a group, they will decide on which one they like better. (optional: maybe students will want to change groups to join a comedy group or a dramatic one)
  • Part 2: Have students go to and search the website for scripts that match the size of their group. From these scripts, did they find a dramatic one or a comedy?
  • Part 3: The students will print out enough copies of the script for each member of the group. Each student picks a part. They will read the entire play aloud in a small group.
  • Part 4: The students will pick a short scene from the script and practice that scene.
  • Conclusion: The groups will summarize the script for the class. Then they will perform the short scene for the entire class and discuss why they picked the script and that scene. (Optional: students can say which famous actors they would cast in the script as a fun way to engage the class)

  • Create a costume for a character
  • Cast a play with your favorite actors (make powerpoint presentation of the cast as if you are trying to promote the script for production as a movie)
  • Write a play review for the play you're reading.
  • Do a mock trial: put a character from a play on trial. Have "Beauty" from "Beauty IS a Beast" prove she is the princess or do something silly like a trial for the Master from "Fart Zen" charging him for teaching people to fart too much.

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