Friday, August 21, 2015

Top 10 Acting Tips - Help for New Actors

#1 - Never Give Up!

#2 - You don't need an agent to get started as an actor.

Advice for New Actors about Agents

#3 Get some good headshots (tips below on how to do your own)

Tips for making homemade headshots (for new actors)

#4 You don't have to go to LA to be an actor

To Live or Die in LA (tips for new actors: getting experience and finding an agent)

Actor under 18? Go to Hollywood?

#5 Practice memorizing

Tips for Memorizing Lines

#6 Improve your acting skills

Do actors feel emotions when they act or just pretend?

How to perform a monologue help

Improving Voice Acting (Killing the Monotone)

3 important things to do to be good at improv acting

#7 Take acting classes

Try our Free Online Acting School

#8 Volunteer and get involved in a local theatre group or filmmakers

How can you get the lead in a play?

#9 Prepare monologues for auditions

Free Monologues for Auditions

#10 Don't be afraid :) Help with Stage Fright

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