Saturday, August 29, 2015

Top 10 Most Popular Monologues on the Freedrama Blog August 2015 contemporary modern solo stage plays

These are the most popular monologues on the Freedrama blog as of August 2015.

Cassandra - comedy monologue for female:

The Girl Who Broke His Finger - dramedy monologue for teen female:

Wishing - monologue for female - teen or girl:

The Not So Perfect Child - dramatic monologue for female teen or girl:

A Thing for Nerds - comedy monologue for female:

A Breaking Heart - dramedy monologue for female:

Bones the Pirate Girl - comedy monologue for female - adult, teen or girl:

The Big Bad Wolf - comedy monologue for male - all ages:

I Need Detention - comedy monologue for male - teen:

Good Deeds and Such - comedy monologue for female for all ages:

Top 10 Most Popular Monologues on the Freedrama Blog August 2015 contemporary modern solo stage plays


  1. Doug I am really liking these monologues. I truly would like to use several in my drama class. Please let me know what I must do?


    1. I am happy to let you use the scripts. They are free for classroom use. Here is the permission email I send with more details:

      All mentions of the script should include the author (D. M. Larson) and the source (

      *The script is FREE to use in a classroom, audition, competition, or workshop.

      In return for using the script, I would be most thankful if you would complete one or more of the following: (subscribe and share on social media or share a printed poster).

      IMPORTANT: The text of this script is copyright protected material. You are NOT allowed to repost the text of the script online for any reason (even educational). You may create a link to the script, but do not republish or redistribute the text of the script in any way online.

      Making a VIDEO? If the script is recorded as a video and posted on the internet in any way, please begin the online description of the video with "From a free stage play script." Here are additional rules for using scripts for videos:

      Are you CHARGING admission or a fee to see the play? Are you placing ADS on your video of the script?
      If you produce the script for an audience or profit, you may use the script royalty free if you add a link on your website to (please share the page where you added the link).

      Or you can purchase a script for each member of your cast from

      Or if you prefer to pay the royalty instead of completing the above requests then you can do so at

      **Please reply and state that you agree to the above requirements.**

      Thank you for selecting my script. Have fun and please let me know how it goes.

      D. M. Larson

  2. Great idea.Love Bob.Minor detail.Bob didn't do Alice
    Cooper Muscle of Love Teenage Lament.(Great song).He was
    Best Choices
    supposed to,but 2 Jacks ended up doing it,I believe.Thanks
    for all you do.Cheers


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