Saturday, August 1, 2015

What are the Top 10 Dramatic Monologues for Women? Free serious female solo stage play scripts

"A Breaking Heart" - Monologue- Female (2 minutes)

"Dance with the Wind" - Romantic monologue - Female (new) - link goes to Freedrama blog

"Happy with a Failure" - Monologue- Male or Female (1-2 minutes)

"Hope" - Short Dramatic Monologue from Published Script- Female (1 minute)

"Mama" by Shiela Larson - Monologue for Female (under 1 minute - 30 seconds) on the Freedrama blog

"Mother Earth" Dramatic Monologue-Woman (2-4 minutes)

"Much Madness" Dramatic Monologue-Female (2-3 minutes)

"Mugged in Metropolis" - Monologue- Female (1-2 minutes)

"No Witnesses" - Dramatic Monologue for Kids - Female (1-2 minutes)

"Trust in God?" - Dramatic monologue for female adapted from the play "Holy Ground" (2-3 minutes) - link goes to the Freedrama blog

For more free monologues go to


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  2. I am wondering why there are not more male dramatic monologues offered. This is not because I am a male. I'm a mom. I'd like to see my son have as many supports shared as my daughter.

    1. Here is a list of monologues for males and I will be sure to make my next blog post about monologues for males as well - thank you for your comment

  3. Money wouldn't be my choice for wanting to be a actress but what's wrong with getting paid for what you like to do! I am 22 yet I have been thru soooo much I know how so many emotions feel that becoming a character feels natural.. When I'm alone I find myself acting out different little scits from my favorite shows and even creating my own its fun and I enjoy it !

    1. Wow I can tell u love acting. when I'm alone I do that too I mostly do movies I like shows too

  4. Well I wanna become an actress because my sister always said I would be a great one. I believed her so I am here today to sharpen my acting skills. See where acting takes me. I think acting is so powerful, and I wanna inspire others.

  5. It's great that your sister believes in you! Having that support from a family member is so meaningful!

  6. I want to be an actor because I love the idea of being at service to others & doing this in such an artist manner that can inspire not only myself but others for a lifetime!


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