Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Practicing emotions as an actor - free acting tips

Here is a fun acting exercise. Try performing monologues with different types of music playing in the background. Find some good soundtrack music ( has some great free music) and select a sad song and a happy song. Perform one of the dramedy monologues below and use the music to guide the emotional you portray in your performance. See if the music helps you access deeper emotions.

This is actually a technique early silent film directors would do to help their actors get the right emotions.

A Breaking Heart

Before You Punch Me

I Hate Buffets

Sunset Princess

Ode to Squished

This can be therapeutic too. The great thing about drama and acting is that it allows you to express emotions you normally don't get to show. It's a safe way to explore feelings and express yourself. And an excellent emotional release.

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