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Crowdfunding How to Start a Part Time Posse funny sketch comedy for 2 actors

(How to Start a Part Time Posse)
by D. M. Larson

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Free preview below: "CROWDFUNDING" SCENE (A customer, PAT approaches JULES who is a salesperson at a marketing firm) PAT: I'd like to buy myself a crowd. JULES: What? PAT: I'd like to buy a crowd. I heard you handle crowdfunding and I need a crowd. You know... like a posse? JULES: That's not exactly what crowdfunding is. PAT: I want to look important and if I have a crowd following me around, that will make everyone think there's something special about me. JULES: I'm afraid that's not exactly what we do. PAT: When you're growing up, everyone tells you that you're special. Your parents, your teachers, your parole officer.... JULES: Parole officer? Um... maybe I should call someone. PAT: Yes, call together my team... team Pat. Or maybe I should pick something more dramatic like Team Washington. Makes me sound like I'm a politician or something. JULES: Are you a politician? PAT: No, but I need that crowd. You going to help me? JULES: Well... would these people be your employees? Or would they be a part time posse? PAT: Part time would work... I'd just like them around at certain key times like school reunions, family gatherings and court dates... I need someone to cheer me on... I need someone who has my back. I need to be supported. I want to feel like I'm important and that I matter. JULES: Actually, I think that's what most people want. PAT: Then maybe this is the start of new business... or a revolution! We could rent out the part time posse to other people with low self-esteem like me and help build them up. That will give them a nice little boost at key times in their lives. JULES: Okay, I see what you're saying. I'm starting to dig this. PAT: So what do you say? You going to help me fund my crowd? JULES: Well... I am in this band and we play every Friday night and not many people come. If I could rent them every Friday... PAT: There you go... crowd... funded. Part time posse plan in motion. JULES: You just need to fill out this online form. PAT: Online? JULES: On your computer. PAT: I don't have one. JULES: Do you have a smart phone? PAT: I don't trust smart gadgets. JULES: That explains why you didn't know about crowdfunding. I'll help with the online form then... any other questions before we get started? PAT: Yeah... I'm curious about those news programs that you can talk to... where you can become the friends of the newscasters? I really like the morning news team on channel 13. I'd love to socialize with them. JULES: I'm not sure I've heard of that. PAT: You know... social media. JULES: Oh! Well... um.... let's tackle your crowdfunding first. Then we'll... um... figure out the next one. PAT: Then you gotta tell me how to keep people from googling me. That sounds creepy. JULES: All in good time my friend. All in good time. END OF SCENE Buy a low cost PDF of the scene at: From "Control the Future" ISBN-13: 978-1540666581 Book: PDF:

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ISBN-13: 978-1540666581
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  1. PAT
    I want to look important and if I have a crowd following me around, that will make everything think there’s something special about me.

    I think that the word everything should be replaced with everyone.

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  6. I am a homeschool student. I compete in a speech club. One of the things we do is perform small skits. I would love to use this peice.


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