Saturday, January 23, 2016

Free Readers Theater Scripts

Here are some new free scripts for your Readers Theatre experience:

"Worrying About the Future" A Comedy by D. M. Larson - free short stage play script for two actors - male or female



"The Waiting Room" play for three actors from Death of an Insurance Salesman



"Such a Good Listener" short stage play script for two over 55+ aged actors



"El Taco Feo Lives!" comedy scene for 3 males from published play (free humorous stage play script)



Munch My Macho Taco - comedy skit for 2 actors - free stage play script duologue



"The Theatre Bug" scene for 2 actors (1 male 1 female) from a published play "The Ghosts of Detention"

"You and Me, Alone and Free" stage play script for 3 actors by D. M. Larson 

"Find Yourself a Nice Girl" short play script for two actors - duologue for man and woman - Historical fiction musical romance - Billie Holiday 

For more free Readers Theatre scripts at

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