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Full Length Stage Play Script for High School Teenagers - The Weird, Wild and Wonderful Days of School

The Weird Wild and Wonderful Days of School is a full length play about young adults who are dealing with change. This play has a flexible cast from 7 to 49.

This play has a flexible cast.  Not all scenes need to be performed.  And actors can play multiple parts because no characters repeat from scene to scene.  The smallest cast you could have by doing all the scripts would be three males and four females.  But there are many as 49 speaking roles possible.

PRINCIPAL: A showy circus type announcer who introduces each scene.

MASTER: Master of the game of Rock, Sword, Firecracker
MEL and KELLY: Rock, Scissors, Paper Players.
OPTIONAL STUDENTS: If you have more actors, you can divide up Mel and Kelly's lines.
OPTIONAL ACTORS: Act out Rock, Sword, Firecracker scene

IRISH: a silly girl dressed up for St. Patrick's Day
SCOTTISH: a more serious girl who is grumpy
GUY: a flirtatious guy
ITALIAN: a hot headed girl who gets mad at guy

CAPTAIN: A bad actor who is a bully
SOLDIER: Another bad actor
CYRIL: A big nosed guy who uses words rather than fists to fight bullies
FRIEND: Cyril's friend in the audience
ROXY: A female actress who teases Cyril.
KELLY: The drama teacher who has no control.

ANIMAL: A girl in an animal costume who likes the bird
BIRD: A guy in a bird costume who likes the animal back

STEPH: Stressed out student (can be a man STEVE).
MASTER: Fart-Zen master who teaches relaxation techniques.
PUPIL: There can be one PUPIL or a dozen. Very flexible.

DIRK: A male computer lab worker
GENIE: A magical creature who grants bad wishes
GIRL: A young looking playful girl
ZOMBIE: An old woman who is undead
WOMAN: She is good looking but turns out to be a vampire
JESI: A female computer lab worker

JANE: A girl who used to date Ron
RON: A guy who wants to date Jane again.

JEORGE: The tricky artist with a secret plan.
SAGE: Cranky female friend of Mary
MARY: A girl who likes Jeorge's art
FRANK: A friend of Jeorge

DAISY: A "special" girl who wants to make friends.
CARL: A "special" guy who likes everything in order.
ELMER: A "special" guy who is an artist.

BULA: A student who thinks she is an ace reporter working at a major newspaper.
SKEETER: Assistant to Bula at the paper who forgets to do his job.
FANNY: a goofy female reporter who hangs out behind the boys locker room
MONITOR: sells his hall monitor reports
KILABREW: student assistant in nurse's office who loves to share medical related gossip

SIDNEY: A woman who wants to find the perfect guy but wears a mask to hide how she looks.
TONY: A guy is scared off by Sidney.
WAITER/WAITRESS: No lines.  Serves the food.
PHIL: A guy is isn't bothered by Sidney's mask.

by D. M. Larson
Copyright (c) 2012 by

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