Thursday, February 11, 2016

Give the best audition

Tips for giving the best audition (by guest blogger):

Keep resume

    Becoming an actor is not an easy task and for that you need to pass the difficult levels of auditions. For a proper audition there are certain tips which are to be followed. The first one is to bring the picture and resume. This is very common tip but many of the people forget this in hurry and tension. It does not matter if you are having an agent or manager who can send it. The picture and resume will be asked in the audition personally from you and they will work like the pair of shoes.

Make choices

    Always remain natural in your audition. If you haven’t memorized the material, don’t even pretend that you have done it. If you have time, memorize it but if you don’t have time then it’s ok. The producers and directors would prefer to hear you reading the material rather than making wrong attempts. There are times when some of the people add some of their own lines to the material to impress the judges. Make sure that the lines which you are adding are worth. Audition is the place for grownups and thus making excuses like you have cold and all that is not a good idea. 

    Make a choice in your audition. There are times when the judges wish to understand the choice of the person. Thus they offer certain options and ask to choose from that dialogues or songs. At that moment you should make your choice which can represent you well and perform well. You should not say that it does not matter and whether the judges will say you will do. Make clear and strong choices when you are developing characters. The producers and directors make the suppositions about the person within 15 seconds. So, your first 15 seconds are very precious.

Be interesting

    Be charismatic, confident and comfortable. Actors are the ones who need to gain attention. They need to be interesting person in a 1000 seat theatre as well. Another important tip is to select the audition date and time in beginning. At the end of the auditions the judges become grumpy and tired and they will not be able to judge you properly. Make sure that you keep an email address where you can be reached easily. If you have an agent then also you should be available directly. Never give up and go on auditioning one after another. 

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