Sunday, February 28, 2016

Most Popular Stage Play Scripts from Freedrama February 2016

Here are the most popular stage play scripts from the Freedrama Blog in 2016 so far:

Pain Scale funny duologue for two people - stage play script - 2 males or 1 male and 1 female or 2 females

"Worrying About the Future" A Comedy by D. M. Larson - free short stage play script for two actors - male or female

"The Waiting Room" play for three actors from Death of an Insurance Salesman

"Strong Enough for Both of Us" monologue about depression - helping and supporting others in a time of need

"Before You Punch Me" monologue for male

"Signs of the Times" short play for 4 actors

"Wishing" acting monologue for female, woman, girl, teen actor from published play

And here are some favorite posts right now with more free stage play scripts!

Free Female Monologues from Published Plays

Free Published Duologues (play scripts for 2 actors for the stage, classroom, workshop or competition)

Monologues on Depression

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