Saturday, March 12, 2016

A Drama for every mood!

A Drama for every mood!

Drama is a unique work of art that can really transport a person to a completely different world! Whether you are watching it, reading it or enacting it out; drama has the power to completely engulf one with heightened emotions and a spectacular aura! Those who understand drama, probably already understand the power of a monologue. It’s a one man show that can project and reflect a single person in numerous shades and hues that highlight the drama. From the very beginning of drama, monologues are considered to be the finest representation of a single person adorning multiple characters, significance and meaning. Drama has spread its wings over all elements of literary genres- comedy, realism, romanticism, Victorian, songs and ballads, and every other genre you can think of. And Monologues have engulfed all genres too! 

Every year schools, colleges, institutes, organizations hold important events that bring the entire faculty and students/employees together. These events could be for the purpose of entertainment, an annual celebration, a fundraising campaign or several other reason call for such events. To add elements of fun and frolic certain stage events are organized to reflect the theme of the event or for plain enjoyment. Drama enactments are a popular choice for such events. It can be a great way to grip the attention of the audience. The most beautiful part of drama is that everyone can ascertain a different and unique meaning and understanding from the drama. You can use the power of monologues to heighten this element of fun or bring home a significant meaning. Monologues require to be performed by a person who truly understands drama and its purpose. A single person needs to have the power and conviction to deliver a monologue. is a pool of free online stage play scripts and monologues. There is a wide and extensive list to choose from! You can search for something you already have in mind or pick one up from the list. Our extensive list can also be used by actors looking for something that can justify their acting skills or directors wanting to grip the audience with a powerful monologue enactment. Actors, directors, students, teachers and just about anyone can get free online stage play scripts and monologues of their exact choice! offers a large variety that varies in style and genre. Use the power of monologue to leave an everlasting impact on your audience!

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