Monday, April 18, 2016

Survey for Actors about the Freedrama Summer 2016 Acting Contest

I've had several actors ask if I will be doing the Summer Acting Contest again this year.  I am definitely considering it!

I might make some changes this year though and I would like your input.

First, which type of acting contest should we have?

Voice Acting
On Camera Acting

Next, what should the prize be for summer 2016 acting contest?

T-Shirts and other prizes
Acting feedback from casting director
Acting feedback from professional actor
Acting feedback from professional director

The reason I'm not immediately deciding on a cash prize is that a lot of new actors are wanting to get a chance to be in a movie or tv show or anything related to acting.  I can't guarantee this but I could find a way for you to get feedback on your acting as well as tips from a professional such as a casting director, actor or director.  Getting feedback on your audition skills from a working professional in Hollywood can be very helpful to give you that extra boost toward your acting goals.

Let me know what you think in the comments below and keep checking back on this blog for more details about the acting contest this summer.

Thank you!
D. M. Larson


  1. I honestly think you should make it a on camera acting, mainly because anyone can just say words, it would only be fair seeing the emotion the actor is giving. Even if its difficult for some people to do on camera acting, its good to have a challenge. For the prize I think getting feedback from a professional director would be a great thing because you need as much advice on your acting work than money or prizes, and plus if that advice helps you, soon enough you will be acting in no time, and will make money from that.

  2. For me personally, I think it should be a voice acting contest because voice acting is a little more challenging because you have to convey all of your emotion in just your voice, without the help of your body and face (visually anyway).
    The best price truly would be feedback! It just helps to continue to get better and better to pursue your dreams!

    1. Thank you for the feedback! I am hoping to have something going for everyone soon.


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